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Switch To Sleek And Stylish Dimmable LED Downlight To Have Modern Look
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In these budget-conscious times when every individual is looking for the cheapest mode of lights to reduce energy bills, it’s very to pick those lights that can be useful in reducing the electricity bills at the homes and at the commercial places as well. One option that is increasingly becoming popular is the LED Downlights that are giving numerous benefits to the end-users. If you are also looking to buy these lights, then you can buy Dimmable LED Downlight among various other lights whose dimmable option allows you to adjust the brightness as per the required level along with making significant energy reductions Benefits of dimmable LED Downlight are as follows: 1. With the help of these contemporary and sleek designs Dimmable LED Downlight you can adorn your office, home or other places as well in many different ways as these downlights suits every modern space 2. Comes with various different Color Temperature options including 3000K, 4000K and 5000K.  3. Have higher CRI of 90 that make the objects look as real as if they were kept under sunlight.  4. This 10w dimmable LED downlight that produces 650 lumens, if replaced with 65w traditional halogen light can give you at least 88% of savings in energy which automatically lower the monthly electricity bills as well. 5. Start instantly without any delay and without any buzzing noise or flickering, also the lifespan of these dimmable LED downlights is at least 25 times longer than the halogens downlights.  6. Contain no hazardous waste materials and therefore are safer to use  7. Also, you will enjoy 5 Years warranty period on purchasing these lights  <br style="box-sizing: border-box; font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; color: #74

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Install (UFO LED High Bay Lights) For Indoor Commercial Lightings
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No employee or worker will be able to give their 100% if there are working in an unfriendly environment and will rather feel disappointed while coming to the workplace daily. Hence to inspire them to work effectively, you need to ensure proper work environment and lighting plays an important role in making the indoor bigger and wider commercial and industrial places more comfortable to work.   For creating that optimistic lighting ambiance you can install UFO LED High Bay Lights that can lighten the higher ceiling places as well.   Other benefits of installing LED high bay lights are as follows: This premium quality LED chips that are used inside these lights deliver maximum operational efficiency to the products and can make the lights work for a longer period of time. All the LED UFO high bay lights are cULus and DLC approved lights and you will get attractive rebates and incentives from the power companies as well.  The monthly electricity bills can be reduced by more than 75% in case you opted for these LEDs, in case you install 200w LED high bay that produces 29,000 lumens them it can be changed with 550w MH fixtures. The lifespan of these lights is close to 50,000 hours and you can expect them to use for more number of hours as well if handled with care.  Get 5 years of Manufacturer's warranty that will give you another reason to invest in these lights.  So make your employees work happily by investing in these LED high bay UFOs so that efficient employees don’t leave your company due to unfavorable working conditions.  

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MR16 LED Bulbs are the best for Indoor Lighting
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The LED lights are the latest and most exciting technological advancement that is being used by the business as well as homeowners across the globe, these LEDs operate totally in a different and energy-efficient way than the traditional incandescent light bulbs and give more beneficially lighting results as well. The LED bulbs from LEDMyPlace can be used in many places including homes, shops, garages, etc among many other places. Out of many LED bulbs, you can use  MR16 LED Bulbs  that when replaced with the existing halogen and fluorescent light bulbs can give energy savings of up to 90%. Other advantages of using these MR16 LED Bulbs are as follows: Comes with a beam angle of 35 degrees, these bulbs can be used for general-purpose lighting, also these bulbs require 6.5W of energy to produce 500 lumens. You can replace these 6.5W bulbs with the 30w halogen bulbs to make energy savings of up to 90%, which is definitely a big number to consider. The color temperature of these bulbs is 5000K that provides neutral white-day white light glow and do not emit the yellowish hue which is mostly found in most of the traditional bulbs. These bulbs are dimmable and can be used for at least 25,000 hours. Also, these bulbs produce very little heat as compared to the conventional bulb and hence can be used for a longer period of time as well.   So use these MR16 LED Bulbs that come in a pack of 6 bulbs are don’t emit UV or Mercury light beam and hence have no health hazards linked to using them.

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Install (2 x 4 LED Panel Light) For Better Indoor Light
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Along with using the panel lights, you also need mounting kit that fits inside the LED panel lights giving an everlasting lighting result at the commercial or residential places. With a 2 x 4 LED Panel Light , it’s ideal to use a 2 x 4 LED panel surface mount kit that can produce more lighting results at the lesser cost.  Advantages of using 2 x 4 LED Panel surface mount kit are as follows: This LED panel surface mount kit can be installed very easily and is fully compatible with the same sized LED panel light. You can easily use these lights at the ceiling or walls at your homes or offices.  These kits are light in weight and are more durable than any other form of light.  Use them at the low ceilings as well to have amazing lighting results for at least 50,000 hours. You will get 5 years of hassle free warranty in addition to 30 days return on buying these LED panel surface mount kit.   So purchase surface mount kit that can make the functioning of the LED panel lights more graceful and appealing, you can use them at any place such as supermarkets, offices, homes, warehouses, shops to name a few to have more visible surroundings. Customer support:    888-972-6211  

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(LED Linear High Bay Lights) - Best Lighting For Big Commercial Places
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The LED Linear High Bay lights are the best types of lights that can be used at the big commercial places such as departmental stores, restaurants, etc where the main focus is to increase the number of visitors by enhancing the overall ambiance manifolds.   By installing these lights, you can attract a number of customers towards your outlets and among many designs in these lights, you can use an LED Linear High Bay Light at your outlet to increase sales manifolds.   Advantages of using LED linear high bay lights are as follows:   By using this 4ft 225w LED linear high bay lights you can change 600W MH fixture to make savings of 375W per fixture. Also, the lumen output of this LED linear high bay light is 28,880 with a color temperature of 5700k. Use these LED linear high bay lights for more than 50,000 hours which means you can use them for half a day as well. These linear high bay lights can be fixed very easily in a way that reduces the installation time by almost one-fifth of what traditional fixtures consume. Get DLC certified lights along with 5 years warranty from the manufacturer's end. Also, these high bay are dimmable lighting product that can be dimmed from 0 volts to 10 volts. So use these LED linear high bay lights that come with UL certificate as well thus giving you assurance of your safety as well.  

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Use (2ft LED Linear High Bay Lights) Inside Your Big Departmental Stores
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Along with making long term strategies, you need to create an lovet environment inside your big departmental stores or showrooms to attract a number of customers towards your stores or outlets. Among various lights, you can use LED linear high bay lights that are a prerequisite to attract a number of customers.    Among many lights, you can use 2ft LED Linear High Bay Lights that use only 165w of energy to produce more amazing lighting results than the normal lights.    Advantages of using 2ft LED linear high bay lights are as follows:   By using these 2ft LED linear high bay lights at your place, you can replace a 400W MH fixture and can make savings of 375W per fixture. Also, the lumen produced by these linear LED high bay lights is 21,615 which is much higher than the normal lights. You can use these lights for more than 50,000 hours which means even if these lights are kept ON for at least 12 hours a day.  Install this 2ft LED linear high bay lights at your big commercial places where the height of the ceiling is more than 15 feet; also the installation time is reduced to just one-fifth of what traditional fixtures consume. Get DLC certified lights that come with 5 years warranty from the manufacturer's end. These lights can be easily mounted on the ceiling of any indoor commercial space and its efficiency and durability make them better than the normal lights.  So use these LED linear high bay lights for your commercial and industrial places whose UL rating make them secure for a longer period of time.  

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Install best 80w LED wall pack light at the Outdoor Locations
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While managing the warehouses or any other big commercial places, we require bright lights that can increase the mobility of the workers or employees especially during the nights and for the same purpose you require powerful lights that though being stronger in illuminating lighting results still have the ability to reduce the monthly electricity bills by a significant amount. Among various types of lights, you can use LED wall pack lights for the outdoor lighting requirement and save the hard-earned money from getting wasted as well, so use 80w LED wall pack Light Fixture among various lights to get the below-mentioned advantages.    Beneath are the specifications of the 80w LED Wall Pack   • This outdoor light features the latest and most advanced LED lighting technology that can deliver maximum illumination for more than 50,000 hours.   • These LED lights have received UL, DLC, CE and ROHS approval that make them safer and rebate and incentives friendly as well.   • These lights have the lumen output of 10,173 lumens with lumen efficiency of 127 lumens per watt; you can replace a 250w MH light with this 80w wall pack to make great savings.   • It’s IP64 Waterproof Rating make these wall packs perfect to use at the outdoor places including convenience stores, gas stations, parking lots, warehouses, shops, hotels, motels to name a few.   • Also, the wider beam angle of these eco-friendly wall packs will allow you to remove dark spots from all the corners as well.   So replace those 250w MH lights with these 80w LED wall pack Lights to experience the amazing lighting difference at the most reduced rates.

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Get The Best (100W LED Corn Bulb) For Your Commercial Places
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The LED Corn Bulbs are the corn shaped bulbs that are designed with an aim to replace HID lamps and metal halide bulbs and make it long term investment that can increase the lovece of the place in an enhanced way. These corn shaped bulbs can be used at many places including homes, shops, factories, offices etc where lighting matters a lot. Among various types of LED Corn Bulbs one is a 100W LED Corn Bulb that is superior to the incandescent bulbs in terms of brightness and cost. Features of LED Corn Bulbs 100W: These LED Corn Bulbs can be installed easily and can give the brightness at the lowest reduced prices.  Also these bulbs are UL, DLC, CE and ROHS approved and have received many other certificates that make them environmental safe. You can replace a 400W metal halide with this 100W LED bulb and can reduce the electricity bills; the lumen output of these LED Corn Bulbs is approximately 11,852 LUMENS with Color Temperature of 5700K.  Comes with 360 degree lighting that can cover the entire bigger space. Also the IP64 Waterproof Rating makes these bulbs suitable for the wet areas as well and their DLC certification allows you to get attractive rebates from the power companies as well.    So start using these latest and most advanced forms of 100W LED Corn Bulbs that comes in various different fittings due to availability of different sizes that can fit all your lighting requirements. Reduce your electricity bills by using these corn bulbs, naturally the lesser the electricity bill is the lower your stress level will be. Customer support:    888-972-6211  

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Install (150W Square LED High Bay Light) For More Illumination
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Fill your warehouse with dark-spot free illumination! Install this LED High Bay and brings energy-efficient lighting at your area. Shop now and get exciting offers on these high bay lights.    This 150W Square LED High Bay Light consists of premium LED chips installed, enhances the performance and durability of the fixture. Having an IP65-rating makes the fixture protected from dust and water.    Features of 150W Square LED High Bay: Hook Mount Thermal Heat Dissipation Small Electron Grid Power IP65-Rated (Weatherproof) CRI>80 Rigged Construction 0-10 Dimmable Motion Sensor Low Maintenance Cost Rebate Eligible 5-Years Manufacturer Warranty Order now and get 30-days return policy as well! Contact us on 888-972-6211 or visit us on LEDMyplace.com.   

$225.99 USD

For Sale Outdoor LED Pole Lights, Limited Stock Grab Now!
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Have you wondered why the number of road accidents is higher during the nights as compared to the day time, it’s simply because of the fact that lack of proper lights at the outdoor places makes visibility almost zero, thus making it difficult for the drivers to drive safely and easily during the nights.   But if the government start installing,  Outdoor LED Pole Lights  at the roads, streets, highways, etc, automatically the number of road accidents will reduce manifolds. Even when the streets will look brighter and visible, the number of criminal activities will also be reduced manifolds which happen due to poor visibility only.   Other Advantages of Using These LED Pole Lights are as Follows:   These LED pole lights are much lighter than the traditional lights and the enriched aluminum housing keep these tubes cooler even if used for a longer period of time as well. You can use these lights without experiencing any kind of noise and flickering as well, also these lights have CRI that make the objects look real and natural the way they look in the day time. Replacing these LED pole lights with the traditional lights means more savings, for instance, if you are installing 300W LED Pole Light that emits 39,000+ lumens, you can easily replace them with 1000W MH lights. The big Heat-sink used inside these lights offer amazing heat dissipation which proves to be useful than the normal lights.   So let there be proper visibility during the late night hours as well by installing these DLC approved LED Pole Lights that once mounted successfully can work for greater than 50,000 hours as well.

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