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Save 90% Electricity by Using T8 8Ft 60W LED Integrated Tubes
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Today there are various types of LED lights available in the market that can be used to increase the brightness, one among them are the integrated LED tubes that are especially designed to illuminate the indoor areas including hallways and corridors. Another main advantage of using these integrated lights at the big places is that these tubes can be daisy-chained to form a row of uniform lighting across the space. One such LED tube is a  t8 8ft 60w LED integrated tube that  can be used to illuminate the wider areas including halls, corridors etc. Beneath are the advantages of using these T 8 8 F t 60 W LED I ntegrated T ubes are as beneath: ->  U se t8 8ft 60w LED integrated tube for at least 50,000 hours with lumen output of 7200 and CCT  of 5000K that offers a natural light color effects. -> These T8 8ft 60w LED integrated tubes can work without ballast as well which saves   time, unlike in case of fluorescent tubes where half of the time gets wasted in removing the ballast. Just remove the fluorescent tube with the integrated tube by just directly wiring it to the line source. -> The t8 8ft 60w LED integrated tubes comes with a 5 years of manufacturer warranty and are made using 100% recyclable material that don’t contaminate the environment at the time of disposing them off. -> <span style="mso-spacerun: 'yes'; font-family: Cambria; mso-fareast-font-family: Calibri; mso-bidi-font-family: 'Times Ne

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LED Tube Lights are the best for Indoors Lighting
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How to save energy in your residential areas? Well, the answer is simple because if you are using fluorescent tubes then is a high time you switch to LED Tube Lights. Yes! These LED Tube Lights are manufactured in a way that can save the maximum amount of energy and provides you the utmost brightness at your place. When it comes to energy-efficiency these  LED Tube Lights Fixture  can save 75% of energy in comparison to fluorescent tubes on a daily basis. If you are having old ballast fixture and want to install LED Tubes, but also don't want to change your ballast fixture then LEDMyplace also offers you ballast compatible tubes as well. Here are the advantages of using LED Tube Lights: Energy-Saving Flicker Free 4000K to 6500K Ballast Compatible 2400 Lumens to 5800 Lumens output 50,000 hours of life efficiency Low Maintenance cost Aluminium Heat Sink UL and DLC Listed   So, ready to have energy-efficient lighting at your residential areas and also get the true ambiance which you were looking for. Speak with our customer support on (437-800-1071).

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Replace Traditional Lighting with 240w High Bay LED UFO Lights for Better Mobili
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No business can sustain over a longer period of time if the workers or the staff members are not motivated to work harder. The kind of lighting we choose to use at our commercial or industrial places helps in enhancing the food of the workers to ensure maximum results. The LED high bay lights are especially manufactured to produce the right kind of brightness that can make workers or staff more productive in doing their task. If you have a commercial unit where the height of the ceilings is almost 20-30 ft you can use 240w high bay UFO LED light to increase the mobility of the workers and staff members. Specifications of the 240 W   H igh B ay LED UFO L ights are as follows: -> The corner of the warehouses can become more bright full by using these 240w high bay lights, the elegant design of these lights emits 31 ,000  lumens with lumen efficiency of 310watts  per fixture. -> These 240w High bay UFO LED lights can be used for another 50,000 hours or close to 6 years even if turned ON for half a day.  Also the color temperature is 5700 K which is ideal for the indoor commercial areas. -> The beam angle of these 240w high bay LED UFO lights is 120 degree angle which is sufficient enough to illuminate the dark areas as well where the normal lights could not reach easily. -> These 240w high bay LED UFO lights  comes with a dimmable option which ranges from 10 volts to 0 volts, 0V is the minimum light level and 10V is the highest level of dimming option available in the dimmers. So use these lights at  your commercial or industrial units and let  your staff members enjoy a better and enhanced visibility, the more they are motivated the better the overall results will be. Also by using these lights you are protecting the environment from getting damaged as these LED wall packs are free from all kind of chemicals including mercury or halogen that can contaminate the nature.

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Buy The Best Quality LED Panels For Modern Ceilings
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LED Panel is a thin panel consisting of LEDs sandwiched between Aluminum and plastic layers. It can be easily suspended from ceilings or directly mounted on ceilings. These panels are used for both indoor and decorative purposes. Led Panels provide the best quality light while having significantly lower energy consumption. LEDMyplace is a customer friendly and quality oriented LED lighting manufacturing company. Our products are of superior quality brought to you at competitive prices. Our range of LED flat panels provides the best alternative to conventional indoor lighting. We offer panels of different designs and wattage. Customers can avail the most suitable LED Panels according to their needs. We provide 2x2 to 2x4  LED Panels  with 40W to 70W capacities. We also offer best quality square and rectangular shaped Troffer light fixtures. Here are some salient features of our LED Panels: • Compact and portable design makes it easy for mounting and transportation. • The range of beam angles for uniform light distribution. • Highly energy efficient. Less consumption of electricity and more lumens per watt. • Anti-glare and instant glow with CRI 80. • 50,000 hours of life span and 5 years of manufacturer’s warranty. • Eco-friendly - The product is free from mercury and leaves no carbon footprints. • Fine control over intensity. • Reasonable pricing. For More Info -  https://ledmyplace.ca/collections/led-panels

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On Sale! Best 8ft LED Tube Lights at Lowest Price
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The LED Tube Lights are the most widely used lights across the commercial and residential places, and these lights come in various different shapes and sizes that are 2ft, 4ft, and 8ft; among all the T8 8ft LED Tube Light is considered as the brightest form of lights that have the ability to deliver a higher lumen output lighting larger applications with utmost energy efficiency.  Benefits of using 8ft LED Tube Lights are as follows:   • The efficient Heat Dissipation mechanism inside these LED Tube Lights keep the tubes sufficiently cool while used for a longer period of time as well.  • You can use these led tubes instantly without experiencing flickering or humming and hence you don’t have to waste your time waiting for these lights to turn On.  • Comes with a lifespan of 50,000 hours and you can use them for 24 hours in a day as well.  • Also, the base type of this 8ft LED tube comes in FAB (single pin) to retrofit the existing fluorescent fixtures and the lumen output of this Led tube is 4800 lumens on consuming 40watts of electricity.  • These LED Tube Lights come with 30 days of return policy in addition to 5 Years of Warranty from the manufacturer’ end.  So use these LED Tube Lights that can work without ballast and are designed to work smoothly for a longer period of time thus giving you the assurance of safety of your loved ones.

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Biggest Price Drop On The 240W LED High Bay Lights! Buy Now
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The LED UFO High Bay Lights are specifically designed for high ceilings and larger areas. These lights focus light more directly to create powerful illumination at a long range. This feature makes them ideal for commercial and industrial applications such as warehouses. While there are several lighting options, when it comes to installing light fixtures in your facility, choosing the 240W LED High Bay UFO 4000K lighting can ensure you a better lighting experience that you will never regret. A replacement to 550W MH fixture, the 240W LED High Bay UFO 4000K fixture helps save worth 310W per fixture. A commercial unit requires a lot of these fixtures, so just calculate your savings here. Available Color Temperature is 4000K which makes it an ideal color temperature for indoor commercial space. Offering a lumen output of 31,231 Lumens and Lumen Efficacy of 130 Lumens/Watt, the 240W LED High Bay UFO 4000K light will bring in more brightness than any other light of the same kind. Also, this fixture can easily be hook-mounted on the ceiling of the space, reducing installation time to one-fifth of what traditional fixtures consume. Features: • Easy installation: It’s an easy installation for the recessed lighting provided through UFO high bay. It can be mounted on the ceiling via a hook. • 0-10 Dimmable feature: The UFO high bay light is dimmable from 10 volts to 0 volts. At 10 volts, the lighting is at 100% of its potential output. • Thermal heat dissipation: The UFO high bay lighting fixtures come with a big heat sink that is manufactured out of aluminum to offer optimum excellent heat dissipation. • Premium LED Chips: To maintain the highest quality of the high bay light, the only premium LED chips are used. The chips are packaged inside the product with high precision and accuracy to render optimum operational efficiency. • IP 65 Water Proof: This is a rating of the efficiency of the high bay light against dust and water. • Rugged Construction: The housing of these UFO high bay light is designed in rugged die-cast aluminum to impart the fixture the needed durability to withstand any external tampering. <br style="box-sizing: border-box; font-

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Why You Replace Your Old MH Light by 300W LED Pole Lights?
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To illuminate the roads, streets or highways we need to install those types of lights that can remove the dark spots with 100% accuracy thus providing smoother traveling to the travelers. For the same purpose, you can use LED pole lights as they are non-beatable to any other form of light and for the same purpose you can use 300W LED Pole Lights so that people can enjoy better and safe evenings. Advantages of using 300W LED Pole Lights: • These 300w LED pole lights are user-friendly and can be installed in a quicker easier way; these lightweight lights are much better than those heavy and bulky lights. • The lumen output of these 300w LED pole light is 39982 lumens with a color temperature of 5700K. • Once installed, you can use these lights with uniform lighting for 50,000 hours. • By using these 300w LED Pole Lights, you can make savings of up to 80% in the overall electricity bills which means a savings of about a $1,000 over the next 10-year period. • These lights are an environmentally safe way of lighting the environment. • You get IP 65 rated pole lights that are perfect to be used at the wet areas as well. So use these different colored lights to make the streets look brighter and visible, buy these lights from LEDMyplace and get 5 years of warranty from the company.

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Install UFO High Bay LED Fixtures at Higher Ceiling Places | Buy Now!
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While managing the big commercial or industrial units, there are many expenses which you need to take care of and lighting is one such kind of expense that if not controlled properly can drain all the monthly savings as well. Hence to reduce the electricity bills manifolds, you can invest in right kind of lights such as  UFO High Bay LED Fixtures  that will be helpful in reducing the electricity along with lighting the higher ceiling places as well in a more enhanced and lighted way. Out of many different UFO high bay LED fixtures, you can install 100w   LED UFO high baylights at the places where the ceiling height ranges between 20 fts-30 fts. Advantages of using 100w UFO high bay LED fixtures are as follows: The lumen output of the 100w LED UFO high bay   lights are 11852 lumens and you can replace them with 400w MH fixtures to make more savings. Use these lights for more than 50,000 hours as well, without any kind of lumen deprecation as well. These lights are dimming lights and the lighting intensity of these lights can be adjusted as per the required lighting needs. Also, you can either install these lights by the hook-mount or ceiling-mount way as well, no matter whichever styles you pick to install these lights, you will have maximum lighting results. The dimming feature of these lights ranges from 0-10v. Also, the wide beam angle of these lights is more than 120 degree that is useful to illuminate the extreme areas as well. Now there is no need to pay higher increased electricity bills anymore when you can have maximum lighting results at the most reduced rates by installing these energy efficient UFO high bay LED fixtures at the indoor commercial and industrial places.

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Spot Cooler Rental Online at Affordable Price
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Preferred Climate Solutions is the best service provider for portable air conditioner rental in Dallas, TX. They offer emergency air conditioning at any place and cooler for indoor or outdoor events. You can also try the other rental equipment like heaters, air scrubbers, and power breeze fans. These spot coolers are easy to install, operate and manage. In these coolers, warm air is released into a connected tube and allowing air to discharge outside. This will be an affordable cooling solution because it doesn't need any extra electricity or voltage. To get this visit https://preferredclimatesolutions.com/

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4’’ LED Eyeball Dimmable Downlight is the best for Indoors Lighting
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Along with the lumen output, you need the soothing color temperatures of the lights as well to have a beautiful ambiance that can increase your morale to work passionately. For creating a magnificent ambiance at the workplace, you can use a  4’’ LED Eyeball Dimmable Downlight  that comes with two different color temperatures including 3000K and 5000K, so that you can easily choose the one as per the ambiance. Benefits of using a 4’’ LED Eyeball Dimmable Downlight is as follows: The beam angle of more than 100 degrees of this 4’’ LED Eyeball Dimmable Downlight allows the light to be distributed in a uniform way. With the lumen output of 700 that are produced using 10w of electricity, these dimmable LED downlights are perfect to replace a 50W of dimmable halogen light and can cut down the utility bill by almost 88%. These downlights are fully compatible with the majority of the dimmers that are available in the market for smooth 0-10V dimming of the light. The eyeball design of these downlights helps in adjusting the lamp for enabling different beam angles. These 4’’ LED Eyeball Dimmable Downlight is installed easily without much hassle and after successful installation of these dimmable downlights, you can use them for a period of at least six years. Comes with 5 years of warranty in addition to 30 days return policy. This Dimmable LED Downlight comes with an E-26 base which means an Edison Screw of 26mm diameter and can be retrofitted in those fixtures that that similar base type sockets.

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