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Why 2FT LED Linear High Bay Lights Appeal Customers?
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To increase the overall lovece at your hotels or supermarkets, in addition to the superior quality interiors, you need proper lighting as well to make the things noticed in the eyes of your tentative customers. And if the place of your commercial unit is relatively higher, you can use linear high bay lights that are designed to glorify the space. Among many one type of light is a 2ft LED linear high bay light that can increase the visibility and lovece. Advantages of using a 2FT LED Linear High Bay Lights are as follows: ·          On an average, this 2FT LED Linear High Bay Lights produce close to 21,450 lumens with color temperature of 5000K. This LED high bay light that uses 165w of energy, is perfect to replace with a 400W MH fixture and can have savings of 180W per fixture. ·          Once fixed, these high bay lights will make the environment brighter full for a period of almost 50,000 hours that too if kept on for 12 hours a day it will work for more than 6 years. ·          This fixture of these 2FT LED Linear High Bay Light can be fixed on the ceiling of the space very easily which reduces the installation time to one-fifth to what the traditional fixtures consume. ·          Get wide beam angle of 110 degrees of these lights covering a larger area, comes with an IP 65 rated and DLC certified So use these LED linear high bay lights and attract more number of guests and customers towards your hotels, naturally the more the number of visitors, the more your sales will be.

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Install 150W LED UFO High Bay and Get the Best illumination at Your Warehouse
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When opting for lighting for high bay ceilings, efficiency is of utmost importance. Since the light will be functioning from a higher range, the lighting requires to be maximized to offer optimal illumination. With the smart design of 150w led ufo high bay lights , the design is part of the efficiency. Created with a fine style to help to transfer thermal properties more evenly, these high bay light fixtures facilitate illumination that is widespread and powerful. Ideal for warehouse area and high ceiling indoor lighting, the 150w led ufo high bay light is a wise lighting solution for the indoor ceiling with height up to 15ft. To 25ft. and with a lumen output up to 20,098 lumens. This UFO high bay light can offer more brightness to space, unlike the traditional 400W MH light, allowing a saving of 350W of energy on each fixture. Also, its premium grade lens is designed to achieve a beam angle of 120 degrees and can be easily hook mounted on any ceiling surface. Perfect for Warehouse usage, these lights have the following features: • A powerful LED light source with a unique design • Extensive Options can replace all types of Standard MH High bays • Shatter Proof Perspex Lens <p class="MsoNormal" style="mso-margin-top-alt: a

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American Made Tom Cruise Brown Leather Jacket
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Get 19% off on American Made Tom Cruise Brown Leather Jacket , available for $169 only. Keep in mind, delivery is free, get 30 days easy  returns and shop with confidence.   

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      Illuminate Your Outdoor Lighting with LED Canopy! Buy Now
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When people are looking for ways to add value to their space, the led lighting solutions offer excellent outcomes with energy saving and eco-friendly features. One such lighting solution for commercial ventures is the dimmable led canopy lights . These lights are accessible in varied designs and in color temperature of 5700K, 45W to offer a high-performance and can be mounted on any soffit/canopy. In contrast to traditional metal-halides or sodium-vapour lamps, theses canopy led lights are an ideal choice for saving energy up to 75%. Also, the dimmable feature from 0-10V of this product makes possible further savings in energy during the downtime. The dimmable led canopy lights have a CRI >82 with a lumen output of 5275 lumens, which provides for brilliant viewing of objects and spaces within the light beam angle. Also, the housing of this product is constructed of rugged die-cast aluminium with an integral heat sink, that makes it an excellent lighting solution for businesses that functions longer time. Here are Some Features of Dimmable LED Canopy Lights ● Delicate and beautiful,360-degree no dark space ● Seamless injection moulding process ● Convection, the industry standard ● Energy saving, low carbon environmental protection ● Intelligent circuit, security, and stability ● 60°lamp holder, easy installation ● E40/E39 base is available ● Intelligent temperature control driver used ● Easy Installation & Operation ● No costs of maintenance or replacement as incurred in case of conventional metal-halides.<span

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Illuminate Your Indoor Lighting with T8 4ft Integrated LED Tubes! Buy Now
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These V Shaped T 8 4ft Integrated LED Tubes are not just better and enhanced replacements to the traditional fluorescent tubes, in fact, the LED integrated tubes to offer an amazing ambiance that can give maximum satisfaction to its consumers. Advantages of using T8 4ft Integrated LED tubes • These LED integrated tubes to offer the high intensity of light with up to 134 Lumens per watt, the lumens produced by a 30w T8 4ft integrated LED tubes is 4000 lumens with a color temperature of 6500Kelvin. Also, you can use these lights for almost 50,000 hours with very little lumen depreciation until the end of lifespan. • Comes with 5 years of manufacturer warranty along with all the necessary approvals including UL, DLC certification among many other certificates. Also with the IP44 rating, these tubes are protected against any dust particles, moisture or water coming from any direction. You can use these tubes for indoor purposes as well as there are very fewer chances of penetration of water such as bathrooms, kitchens etc. • These t8 4ft integrated LED tubes are eco-friendly lighting products that are made up of 100% recyclable material that can be easily disposed of without increasing the carbon footprints. • These V-shaped tubes are fully compatible with ceiling and wall mounting and can work without ballast as well. Now you can enjoy a hassle-free installing by directly wiring these integrated tubes to the line source without undertaking any ballast removal step. So give yourself freedom from that traditional tube that uses more power and increases the overall electricity bills as well. This T8 4ft integrated LED tubes to use the aluminum heat sink that acts as a good thermal conductor in keeping the tubes cool and non- heated even if used for a longer period of time. Use these lights inside your offices and let your workers or employees work with full passion leading to higher productivity.

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Why You Should Buy LED Wall Pack?
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Forget metal halide wall packs and relieve your pocket of shooting bills! With LED, you are right on your way to perfect lighting. Now that high bills and regular maintenance will be the past, change your life with LED wall packs. I already have an HPS, why would I want an LED? LEDs are the best lighting devices, because of these reasons: • No warming time • Decent color rendering • Instant lighting • No wastage of electricity • Perfect cool lighting • Environment-friendly • High lumens at low wattage • Great electricity saver Get everlasting benefit from LED wall packs. Install them just about anywhere and forget! You get a higher return on investment when you prefer LED wall packs from LEDMyplace. Why LEDMyplace? Each product from LEDMyplace is rigorously tested for hours to withstands temperature change, voltage flux, increased working stress and much more. After thorough tests and procedures, you get a completely checked wall light. Now is the time to forget those heavy fixtures giving loads of bills at month end. Get sleek, beautifully crafted LED wall packs for your home, garage, office entrance, or anywhere you like it to be. For inquiry, please visit our website and get an exclusive offer on delivery. We are currently giving free home delivery at the click of a button. And that’s not all, our customers also get a 30-day return period without questions asked. But there’s also added warranty as usual. So come and pick your LED wall pack today.

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Buy High Quality Hand Soap Dispenser From Multi Range
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Multi Range has over 25 years of experience in providing bulk cleaning supplies to businesses in Australia. We have the largest range of wholesale cleaning products at an affordable price. So, if you’re searching a new hand soap dispensers for your restroom, you’ve come to the right place. Multi Range offers the high quality commercial soap dispensers that are essential to avoiding the spread of germs, bacteria and most important to provide better hygiene. Our best liquid hand Soap dispensers are designed for easy and fast hand washing. Multi Range currently distributes the liquid soap dispenser throughout Australia. If you need to make a bulk order we also offer wholesale prices. Give us a call on (02) 9773 0708. You can also email us at to negotiable deal.  

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Enhance Your Indoor Lighting with LED Panel Light
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Be it an office or a convenience store or classroom, lighting is a very important factor in increasing productivity and sales. LED indoor panels are power saving interior lighting devices widely used in commercial spaces. A LED panel is a thin layer consisting of LEDs sandwiched between Aluminum and plastic housing. These panels not only provide better illumination but also aid in reduced energy consumption. LED panels are being used in the majority of indoor commercial applications. LED My Place is one of the renowned names in the LED lighting industry. We are a customer oriented and quality driven company. Our products are being used in a variety of commercial applications such as offices and convenience stores by numerous businesses. We manufacture 2x2 and 2x4 sized panels that give an even light distribution. Our LED panels which can be directly mounted or can be ceiling dropped. Here are some advantages of our LED panels- • Highly energy efficient and more lumens per watt • Proper light distribution with control over the intensity of light • Added safety features and cUL, DLC & RoHS Approved • The lifespan of 50,000 hours and 5 years of manufacturer’s warranty • Economical pricing • No harmful emissions • Choices in size, wattage, and lumens • Inbuilt heat transfer capability

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Use Sleek and Elegant 100w UFO High Bay Light for Greater Results
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Many times while visiting any departmental store or supermarket, we get attracted by the amazing lighting system that it actually enhances our mood and we buy a number of products then we planned initially. These lights are none other than LED UFO high bay lights that maximum visibility making the products more items more attractive and eye-catchy. When it comes to selecting the high bay lights for your commercial or industrial use, there are many to consider but the best one is 100w LED UFO high bay light that is far better than those bulky lights. Advantages of using 100w LED UFO high bay lights • The sleek design of this high way light will offer the utmost brightness required for your space, this light produces approximately 11852 lumens and the Color Temperature is 5700K. • Now you can retire your 400 w metal halide light and start using 100w LED UFO high bay light that will save the monthly power consumption by a significant level. • To ensure maximum safety and authenticity, these 100w LED UFO high bay lights have received all the necessary approvals including UL, DLC, CE, and ROHS. • On average, the 100w LED UFO high bay lights to emit 11852 lumens and the color Temperature is 5700K for a bright light. • The in-built Heat dissipation ensures maximum life along with customers’ safety a priority; comes with a five-year warranty. • It is not made up of harmful substances such as Mercury and Halogen which can pose a threat to the environment. Welcome New Year in a different way by start using 100w LED UFO high bay lights to ensure maximum lighting at the lowest monthly charges. Good lighting can make a lot of difference, so experience the difference in the overall productivity and electricity bills by using these smart and effective high bay lights.

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Get the Quality Lighting for Your Streets with LED Pole Light! Buy Now
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It is essential to have street lighting that best fits the lighting requirements of your neighborhood. Besides being highly functional and efficiently illuminating the surroundings, these lights should also look stylish and have an aesthetic appeal. Similarly, be it the parking space in your residential neighborhood or commercial area, parking zones must be well-lit areas as they are mostly frequented by car drivers, car owners and residents living nearby. LED Pole Light are durable, efficient and have a proper light distribution which makes them the best choice for street lighting and parking lot lighting. By creating efficient lighting around, these lights also help improve road safety. At LED My Place we are one of the leading manufacturers of LED Pole Light . We provide smart LED street lighting solutions at affordable prices. We are offering LED Pole Light in varied wattage, lumens, and mounts for outdoor applications. Our lights present a cost-effective and sustainable choice for outdoor lighting like walkways, sidewalks, car parks etc. Here are some salient features of our LED pole lights- • Easy to install retrofit kits • Durable aluminum body for rough outdoor conditions • Up to 80% savings over sodium halide lights (highly energy efficient) • Instant start with no flickering and noise • A lifespan of 50000 hours and 5 years of manufacturer’s warranty • Heat dissipation properties for enhanced performance • Eco-friendly • NO RF interference

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