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$2,050.00 USD

FIP Flexo Photopolymer Letterpress Plate Making Machine (A4LTP, 3 in 1)
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Flexography India Press is a Global Manufacturer & Exporter of flexo photo polymer plate making machine, Rubber stamp making machine, Solvent Recovery Equipment…etc. for  Flexographic  printing industries…FIP Group’s Head quarter in the Viramgam and Manufacturing plant in Ahmedabad, Gujarat,India.                                                    Currently, we are  manufacturing Flexography photopolymer plate making Equipment, including Rubber Stamp  Making Equipment, Letterpress Plate Making Equipment, pad printing photo polymer plate making equipment, Label photo polymer plate making equipment , Varnish photo polymer plate making equipment,  Flexo Solvent Recycling unit, Liquid  Resin Stamp making  equipment, Nylon Block making equipment , Water Wash photo polymer plate making equipment , Flexo plate making equipment, Flexo photo polymer plate making machine All type of stamp making series , Embossing plate making equipment, Pharmaceutical Batch plate making equipment, Woven sack photo polymer plate making equipment, flexo photo polymer die making machine , flexo photo polymer block making machine , photo polymer batch coding machine , flexo stereo photo polymer plate making machine , and all type photo polymer plate making machine series …….for flexographic  printing 

$3,970.00 USD

FIP Flexo Photopolymer Plate Making Machine with Washer & Dryer ( 24 X 30 WD)
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Flexography India Press is a Global Manufacturer & Exporter of   Flexo photo polymer plate making machine, Rubber stamp making machine, Solvent Recovery Equipment…etc. for Flexographic   printing industries…FIP Group’s Head quarter in the Viramgam and Manufacturing plant in   Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.   FEATURES OF WASHOUT UNIT:- very easy access design . special bristle good for all kind plates washout ,suitable for Perc+NBA and green chemicals. Excellent result for 200LPI #1% reproduction.   FEATURES OF DRYING UNIT:- Drying drawer with uniform heat distribution . Temperature adjustable     by a Precise controller. Unique air circulation and exhaustion design. over heat sensor for safety and Protection.

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Genuine MacBook repair parts online shop
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If You face following issues in MacBook & iMac like keyboard & cable not working then visit RepairMacParts and find all genuine repair products at discount price. There are also multiple repair products that you find here at discount price.

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Best Desktop Deals in Hooghly
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 We are supplier of all computer peripherals like   Hard Disk, Cabinet, Mouse, UPS, Keyboard, RAM, Printer, Processer, LAN Card, Routers, Webcams,Speaker, Cartridge, DVD writers, Motherboard, Data Card, Wifi Adapter, Scanner, Graphics Card, Monitors LED, Card Reader, Pendrive, Laser Tonner. Also contact us for Computer and laptops Repair.  

$18.99 USD

Save Up To 75% Of The Power Consumption By Using 8ft 40W LED Tube
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No other normal light can beat an LED light in terms of cost efficiency and amazing lighting results, no matter how big or space your place is, you can always get a perfect LED lighting solution for your residential and commercial requirements.    For lighting the homes in an enhanced way that will be admired by all your relatives and guests, you can use a standard sized T8 8ft 40W LED Tube Light that can help in reducing the overall monthly bills as well.   Benefits of using an 8ft 40w LED tube are as follows:   The color output of this 8ft 40W LED tube is 4000K, which provides a neutral white light glow that will make the ambiance more powerful.  Also, the efficient Heat Dissipation mechanism will keep the tubes cooler even after using them for a prolonged time.  These 8ft 40w LED tubes start instantly without producing any flickering or humming which otherwise can distract you from the work.  Once installed, these lights will lighten up your homes for a period of at least 50,000 even if you use them for the entire day and night.  The base type of these types is FAB (single pin) that can retrofit the existing fluorescent fixtures, and you can install these tubes by bypassing the ballast and making direct wiring to the source.   So upgrade to these 8ft 40w LED tubes that produce 5800 lumens and comes with 5 years of warranty from the manufacturer’s end to enjoy the lighting for a longer period of time.    

$26.99 USD

Install LED Knuckle Mount Flood Light to Make Outer Place More Graceful
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We all know that while illuminating the wider and larger outdoor places, we all rely upon the LED flood lights that are especially with an aim to offer maximum illumination that can lighten the vast and bigger spaces thus leaving no dark patches around. These lights can be used at various places including playgrounds, stadiums, parking lots among various other places, and among various types of LED flood lights, install 15W   LED Knuckle Mount Flood Light   to   install them in more than one way. Other advantages of installing LED knuckle mount flood light are as follows: ●  The LED knuckle mount flood light allows   you to install these lights in more than one way and that too in a time-saving  way. Also, the Color Temperature of these 55w lights is 5700k that produce day white light thus making the tonights  safer. ●  These 15  flood LED knuckle mount lights produce 5801 lumens that are  sufficient to remove all the dark spots completely and you can replace them with 300W of metal-halide lights, the buyers can make great savings. <p class="MsoNormal" style="margin-top: 0.0000pt; margin-right: 0.0000pt;

$3.89 USD

Install Single Ended T8 4ft 18W LED Tube For Soothing Lighting Effects
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Today LED tube is the most popular form of lighting that has replaced the normal lights in a cost-efficient way, LED tubes also come in various different types and styles and one among them is the single ended tubes that work without ballast and can be directly connected to the main line source.    You can use a   Single-ended T8 4ft 18W LED Tube  and say goodbye to higher electricity bills that are draining your money.   Specifications of a T8 4ft 18w LED tube are as follows:   These single ended tubes start instantly without producing any flickering or vibration while starting. Also, the Color Temperature is 5000K which produces a neutral day white light color glow with a slightly bluish hue. The lumen output of this light is 1710 lumens.  The superior quality thermal management keeps the LED tubes cooler throughout the day and night unlike fluorescent tubes will heat up immediately after using for just a few hours. On average, this single ended T8 4ft 18w LED tube can work for almost 50,000 hours.  These single ended 4ft 18W LED tube are easy to install, just unscrew the ballast after cutting off the hot and neutral wires and the socket lead wires.  Once the ballast is unscrewed and removed, you can connect the input wires to the output wires and it’s done.  These single ended LED tubes come with 3 Years of Manufacturer’s Warranty along with 30 days easy return policy. These single ended 18w 4ft LED tubes are far better than the normal lights and you can easily replace your existing 50w with these 18w lights and can make an energy-savings of 32W.   

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Shop Noise Cancelling Earphones Online at Leaf Studios
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Shop for the best sound quality earphones at Leaf Studios. Leaf Studios earphones allow you to enjoy superior-quality audio entertainment at all times. Choose from wired and wireless earphones at great prices. Grab best deals with free shipping for a range of products. Visit the site to order online. Contact: Leaf Studios Address: 140-A Community Center, Zamrudpur, Greater Kailash-1, New Delhi-110048 Official Email: rahul@leafstudios.in Phone: 01149070232 Visit: https://www.leafstudios.in/collections/earphones

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LED Stromschienenstrahler
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Wir bieten dimmbare LED Stromschienenstrahler mit sehr guter CRI90 Lichtqualität zum attraktiven Preis. Bei uns finden Sie den passenden dimmbaren LED Stromschienenstrahler für Ihr Einsatzgebiet.      More Information   Business Details    Business Name: Cologne Energy / Cologne LED    Contact Person: Herr Oliver Rothweiler    E-Mail: team@cologne-led.de    Phone: 0049-221-9924573    Business Address: Neusser Strasse 422c |50733 Kln    Website: https://cologne-led.de/

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