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$30,112.00 USD

Extruder MKEW90B
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The extruders are perfect for the production of various animal feeds, the finished product can have different shapes depending on your requirements.   How does it work?   Technical specifications: Model: MKEW90B Power: 37 kW Capacity: 1102-1279 lbs/hr   Contact phone: +17862315206 Ext: 110 Contact Email: Whatsapp Meelko phone: +17862168098

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PTO Pellet Mill MKFD300P
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Pellets are a natural product that is manufactured by the process of compaction of various materials as long as they have a micronage less than the size of the perforation. The most recocnized are the wood pellets, made from dry natural sawdust, without any additive, since it uses the own lignin that contains the sawdust as a binder, compressing the sawdust at a high pressure to form the pellet, which makes that the pellets have a very dense and hard composition. The pelletizing machines that Meelko offers have an excellent performance and durability to obtain the best maximization of the results, optimizing the pelleting process. The types of materials that have been achieved compact is infinite, starting with wood and food products for animals, such as cows, pigs, etc. The most important factor is the humidity that the material contains. Depending on the work required and the size or kilos required per hour is that it is chosen if it is flat or annular. However, the flat matrix pelletizer is currently the one that is taking all the awards for its simplicity, low consumption, high performance, variety of uses, in some cases large industries are recommended to use annular matrix. The market for pellets for fuel is currently dominated by wood pellets of superior quality due to the reduction in cost compared to propane, electricity and heating oil. Wood is also a renewable resource. The quality of the material used makes a big difference in the results, issues like softwood, hardwood and whether or not there is bark included in the pellets can make a big difference in the type of heat provided and the amount of ash produced. It could even manufacture Hemp pellets, achieving results that meet the highest standards. Some benefits of Meelko machinery: •          Experience, with more than 20 years in the market we not only offer a great quality of service, we also have credibility and advanced knowledge in the area. •          Comfort: Meelko devices guarantee optimal efficiency with high quality. •          You can create animal feed, pellets for heating and for a large number of other uses. •          Optimization of resources; You can use waste from your garden plants to make pellets for heating, so your investment will never fail to pay off. <p class="MsoNormal" style="text-align:

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With the combos of Meelko machinery for fish, cats or dogs food, you can make quality balanced food, using the maximum raw material and with the confidence to carry out with an advanced engineering that guarantees a high durability and excellent functioning. The extruders are perfect for the production of various animal feed. How does it work? Once we have selected the high quality ingredients for food preparation with nutritional standards, the next step is the grinding phase, which is fundamental in the process of preparing animal feed and is totally dependent on the distribution of the feed. Size of the particles to generate premium quality granulates. When the grinding phase has finished, you can also use the mixture of smaller ingredients (such as minerals, vitamins, etc. to pass the cooking stage by extrusion and molding. The extrusion cooking of the Meelko extruder machines allows a perfect mixture to be carried out and the parameters of cutting control, temperature and time of permanence to reach the highest physical and nutritional standards. After this, the product must be dried, for this we also provide drying ovens, the same step for the packaging process, for which we also have Meelko packing machines. We have a wide variety of machinery, and many years of experience that we can also choose the combination of products that best suits us according to your needs and projects. We guarantee a high quality and scalability of the service. We provide machinery to small, medium and large industries. Do not hesitate to contact us! Technical specifications: Article 1 Model: MKEW70B Power: 18.5 kW Capacity: 485- 617 lbs/hr Price: USD $ 17,800.00 Article 2 Model: MKHM198B Power: 7.5kw Capacity: 300 400 Dimensions: 1200 * 1000 * 1200 Weight: 320/360 kg. Humidity: 30% Price: USD $ 2,100.00 Article 3 Model: MKLS2-2 Price: USD $ 3,450.00 Item 4 Model: MKHM198B Power: 2.2kw Capacity: 300 lbs/batch Dimensions: 83 x 26 x 53 inches Weight: 302 lbs Price: USD $ 3,461.00 Item 5 Model: GC-K50 Power supply: 4N-AC380V 50Hz ≤6kw / 25A Scale: 1-10g Accuracy: ≤0.2% Approximate weight: 5-50kg Price: USD $ 18,650.00 Item 6 Model: MKWH150 Capacity: 120-150 (kg / h) Dimensions: 3200 * 1200 * 1550mm Approximate weight: 650kg Price: USD $ 6,600.00 Contact phone: +17862315206 Ext: 110 Contact Email: Whatsapp Meelko phone: +17862168098

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Pellet Stove
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You can save money by using pellets for heating! Recycling domestic waste and biomass not only contributes to considerable savings in money used to heat your home, but also contributes to the environment by recycling and reusing biomass contaminants. During the cold season, heating accounts for approximately one third of the owner's annual utility bill. Pellet stoves are an increasingly popular solution. They are similar to traditional wood stoves, but they work more like a modern oven. You only need to fill the hopper of the stove with pellets made of compacted sawdust, place your thermostat, lie down and get comfortable. A mechanical auger deposits the granules in a combustion pot, where they are incinerated at such a high temperature that they do not create creosote that obstructs ventilation and very little ash or emissions, keeping the indoor and outdoor air clean. Depending on the size and distribution of your home, a pellet stove could complement the current heating system or be used as the sole source. These high efficiency heaters allow you to lower the home's thermostat while heating your rooms, providing an environment and reducing your energy bills. Pellets are hard compaction residues of all kinds, which are converted into fuel pellets that burn in your furnace. The types of waste that can be used are innumerable, but here we list some: paper, cardboard, boxes, containers, coconut husks, nutshells, rice husks, agricultural residues after harvest, pruning leaves, herbs from your garden, wood Any type of wood waste to name a few illustratively.     Technical specifications: Model: MK-P03 Power: 6-11 kwh Capacity: 18 kg Dimensions: 520*985*550 mm   Contact phone: +17862315206 Ext: 110 Contact Email: Whatsapp Meelko phone: +17862168098

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Flour Mill
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The small flour milling machines are mainly for independent use, it can also be used in a small plant. The grains that can be processed are wheat, corn, and rice.   This flour milling machine is our base model, however, it is very efficient. It has a compact structure, good appearance.   Our flour grinders have the advantage of operating with lower energy consumption, low noise, good performance and high efficiency. Its use is too simple, it does not require a spelovet to handle it.   Mode of use:   From the top of the machine, the grain that you are going to process in flour is added to the feed hopper. The grain is entering the interior of the machine gradually, and the two rollers with milled forms that perform the work, are grinding the grain that goes down to the bottom of the machine.   Entering the tacho-shaped container, where the small particles of the large particles are divided. The Flour with the appropriate micronaje falls through the lower mouth, under the tacho, the bran of a greater micronaje, falls through the lateral mouth of the tacho.   All our machines are guaranteed for long duration, they are built with American standard steels. And they can be used periodically in a particular or commercial way for small enterprises.   If you consider that a flour mill is a large and expensive industry in thousands or millions of dollars unattainable for a small producer.   If you consider that you are a wheat producer, you sell your raw material without giving it any added value, and then you have a lot of free time. <p class="MsoListParagraphCxSpMiddle" style="margin-left: 0cm; mso-add-s

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All Meelko extruders have their electronic board with speed variator for the pellet cutting motor, to precisely regulate the desired length of the pellets with high precision.   The most important thing is the safety of the operator and the equipment, that is why the general control panel contains all the engineering in electromechanics designed so that no problem occurs in the use. It has thermal control of motor save, emergency stop, triangle star start, visual temperature control, voltage control, amperage control.   Technical specifications: Model: MKEW80B Power: 22 kW Capacity: 705-882 lbs/hr   Contact phone: +17862315206 Ext: 110 Contact Email: Whatsapp Meelko phone: +17862168098  

$11,833.00 USD

Diesel Pellet Mill
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•          animal feed, pellets for heating and for a large number of other uses. •          Optimization of resources; You can use waste from your garden plants to make pellets for heating, so your investment will never fail to pay off. Technical specifications: Model: MKFD300A Power: 55 hp Capacity: 1300-1760 lbs/hr Dimensions: 51 x 25 x 48 inches Weight: 1213 lbs   Contact phone: +17862315206 Ext: 110 Contact Email: Whatsapp Meelko phone: +17862168098

$8.00 USD

King Quenson Agrochemical Pesticide Manufacturer &amp; Supplier in China
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Established in September 2003 and headquartered in Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province of China, King Quenson Industry Group is a modern agrochemical company that dedicates to the research, development, production,  and sales of  agrochemical products .  King Quenson has exported more than 100 kinds of  pr oducts  with a series of formulations worldwide. After over fifteen years of development, King Quenson owns two overseas branch offices in USA and Lebanon, and more than 1000  registrations   of products over 80 countries.

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Hottest Japanese Masag
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