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Most advanced health device  in The world
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Have you Seen this yet? Watch 2 mins Video http://felix.thehelostore.com/ Anyway, Wor(I)d Global Network is a technology company with breathtaking products. One of them is a health monitoring device that gives you information about your vitals as you go along your busy life. It delivers accurate prediction of diseases, can alarm your loves one in case of urgency. watch the video put in your name and email and you will get more information and a free gift And to Order Products go to http://fmciglobal.worldgn.com/. You can call me at 908-553-3439

$10,000.00 USD

Plamenca proone dental xray unit
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Manufactured 2010 Model:     Proone   Description:   Less than 150 Exposures like brand new   Includes:   Acquisition Computer (Windows) Imaging Software (pre-loaded) 12 Months Parts And Labor Warranty Free Standard Basic Training Free Standard Freight (Professionally Crated & Standard Freight Free Standard Freight (Professionally Crated & Standard Freight Service to Commercial US Addresses Only) Free Standard Installation by Certified Technician (USA only) DIMENSIONS:38.2"(W) x 40.55"(D) x 87.91"(H)   This machine is working perfectly without any cosmetics damage just as good as new machine.   Reply: dentequpllc@dr.com

$20,000.00 USD

Carestream/kodak 9000 3d cbct with ceph
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Brand:Carestream/Kodak Model:CS 9000C   Includes:   New Acquisition Computer Imaging Software 1yr Warranty   The machine is working perfectly.   contact us for more details   Reply via this email:dentequpllc@dr.com

$30,000.00 USD

2012 Sirona Orthophos XG 3D price $30,000
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Selling a 2012 Sirona Orthophos XG3D in excellent condition, save thousands from new.   it included      Acquisition Computer (Windows) Imaging and Implant Planning Software (pre-loaded) Reply: dentequpllc@dr.com

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Enzyme catalase
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Enzyme catalase is a common enzyme found in nearly all living organisms, where it functions to catalyze the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide to water and oxygen. Catalase has one of the highest turnover numbers of all enzymes; one molecule of catalase can convert millions of molecules of hydrogen peroxide to water and oxygen per second. Catalase is a tetramer of four polypeptide chains, each over 500 amino acids long. It contains four porphyrin heme (iron) groups that allow the enzyme to react with the hydrogen peroxide. The optimum pH for catalase is approximately 7, while the optimum temperature varies by species.

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GFP adenovirus
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mMKOS- GFP adenovirus   cRel-GFP adenovirus   U6-shRNA-GFP adenovirus ...

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Pepsin acts on the complex dietary protein and breaks up into peptides and amino acids which can be readily absorbed by the intestinal lining. It helps in digestive disturbance in general and as a result of impaired production of gastric juice. It acts as an adjunct in the treatment of anemic conditions, especially during slimming diet when protein intake increases.

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Phagemid vector
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Creative Biogene can offer you several phagemid vector s which can be used in the study of high-throughput screening of protein-protein interactions, selection of proteins with specific binding properties (high affinity binders), enzyme inhibitor screening, and ligand screening etc

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PDE Screening
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Creative Biogene is providing a large-scale selection of PDE assays to meet the growing need for robust PDE screening and profiling. Analyzing your compounds with our PDE panel can help minimize risks and increase successes. In the same time, our biochemical and cell-based PDE screening and profiling services will also accelerate your drug discovery program.

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