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Plastic products are widely used, everywhere plastic waste. There is a serious impact on our environment from both visual pollution and potential hazards. Visual pollution means the aesthetic perception of a living city that is affected by waste plastic everywhere. Potential hazards mainly refers to waste plastics resistant to degradation, affecting crop nutrient and water absorption, reduce production; otherwise, animals will be unconscious death. The recycling of waste plastics has increasingly become an important part of environmental protection. DoingGroup has developed a waste plastic processing equipment in addition to plastic waste. The device can also handle waste solid waste organic waste such as waste tires / waste rubber / waste acrylic / garbage / medical waste / oil shale, the operation of the device is as follows:


1. The waste plastics and other organic solid waste by the conveyor belt to the bunker by the automatic feeding system to the cracking furnace, rotating the main furnace can control the positive and negative reversing switch control switch to adjust the organic raw materials in the main furnace of the material distribution, the total amount of material control in the total volume below two thirds, close the feed sealing door, and then open the heating system.

2. When the temperature reaches about 150 , gas will be generated (most of the gas is the exhaust gas at this time). When the temperature reaches about 220 , oil and gas will start to enter the multi-function separator. After the multi-function separator, there will be some oil separation down, the pipeline into the residual tank, the pump into the cracking furnace to continue heating cracking.

3. Oil and gas into the cooling system through the multi-function separator, the condensed oil and water flows into the oil-water separator through the pipe for oil-water separation measurement. Under the action of negative pressure, the non-condensable gas enters the micro-vacuum system through the cooling system piping and is filtered again.

4. The pyrolyzed flue gas enters the powerful atomization dedusting tower through the flue pipe to spray dust and cool down, and is discharged into the industrial exhaust gas purifier by the induced draft fan, finally reaching innocuous discharge.

The device is not only able to degrade the plastic waste in life, reduce environmental pollution, but also produce more renewable energy to ease the energy crisis, more and more because of its own advantages as follows:

1.    Reactor is made according to the standard of pressure production, using 16mm thick boiler special steel and arc compression head, can withstand high pressure and high temperature.

2.    2 High-standard 3-step welding process, not easy to crack, long service life.

3.  Pinion rotation device, power is small, not directly contact the reactor, less heat transfer, not easy to deformation.

4. The three-stage cooling system uses tube condensation, also known as a heat exchanger, and is currently the most commonly used and best performing condenser in the oil industry. Can ensure that the cracked oil and gas fully cooled, high oil yield.

5. Safety
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