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Purchase Single Ended T8 4ft 18w Led Tube At Get Discounts
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Buy T8 4ft 18W LED Tube  and save up to 75% money on lighting bills. Why use fluorescent tubes when LEDMyplace offers smart LED tube at $6.99 price rate. With the brighter light outcome and lesser energy consumption make this tube convenient for the operator.   Don’t forget to contact us on 888-972-6211, don’t buy unless you read the features of this light source.   ●  You don’t need a ballast to operate this tube. ●  As compared with the conventional traditional light source, T8 4ft 18W LED Tube doesn’t heat after the long operation hours. ●  Lighting output of this LED Tubes is far better than the fluorescent tube. ●  It comes with the 50,000 hours lifespan which is 3x than traditional tubes.   Grab this T8 4ft 18W LED Tube at the cheap price. With the natural white light shade, it illuminates indoor space with the soothing light outcome at low wattage consumption. Don’t forget to visit our official site LEDMyplace and get informed by our expert customer support executive.  

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LED Strip Lights -- Install To Make Your Space Attractive and Bright!
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Shop online LED Strip Lights  at the affordable price! LEDMyplace is a one-stop shop place where you’ll get LED indoor and outdoor lights at a cheap cost or huge discount offers. We have a wide range of strip light and decorative lights which you can install anywhere to make your space attractive and bright.   These LED tape lights are super easy to install. To get the installation information contact, to our customer support executive. On our official site, you’ll get every type of strip light. These tape lights don’t consume high wattage to illuminate wider space, apart from that it reduces the lighting bills.   Essential features of LED Strip Lights   ●  Energy-efficient ●  IP20, IP65, and IP68 rated strip lights ●  Light dispersion shade: warm white, natural white, cool white, blue, green, ice blue, pink, red, yellow, RGB, and tunable white ●  Self-installation ●  180-degree beam angle ●  50,000 hours of operational life ●  High lumen output ●  Dimmable LED Strip Lights ●  UL, CE, and RoHS certified   <p class="MsoNormal" sty

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Buy Best Quality 80W LED Pack Lights for Better Lighting Results
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For making the outdoor of the commercial or residential buildings more attractive, one can use LED wall pack lights that are specialized in making the outdoor places such as pathways, corridors, parking lots etc. more visible and safe. By using the right lights at the outer places including parking lots, entry and exit place of the home, gardens etc., we can impress our clients in a classy way. Among various LED wall packs, you can use 80W LED Wall Pack Light at many outdoor places.    Benefits of using an 80 LED Wall Pack Light:   • You can use this 80w LED wall pack light at the outer places without worrying about the lighting quality results for a minimum 50,000 hours.  • Comes with the lumen output of 10173, these 80w wall packs can be replaced with 250w of MH or halogen lights. • Also, the in-built photocell sensor will allow these lights to automatically turn ON and OFF on their own according to the lights.  • Use these 80w LED wall pack light without experiencing flickering and humming sound that otherwise can disturb the ambiance.  • The installation of these wall pack lights is very easy and is made possible with the help of plastic screws that come along with an LED wall pack fixture. You can choose the installing method in more than one way. • 5 years of warranty from the manufacturer’s end will provide the buyers with a quality product along with great service.  • Also, these wall pack lights don’t emit any harmful UV radiations neither contain mercury, halogen or other harmful substances. So use this 80w LED wall pack light that plays a significant role in enhancing the overall ambiance manifolds.

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 EMMA WATSON Decor Souvenir Gift Selfie Picture Lifestyle
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Signed on the original by Emma Watson. Only GBP 35 OBO!   You pay only by PayPal for your 100% Buyers protection!   FREE shipping from Germany by Courier/Registered Mail with proof and tracking number! Any Questions? Send me a SMS: (+ 49-151) 2094-9859 Not available at Amazon, Ikea, Walmart, Pier 1, Home Depot, Target or in other department stores! Great souvenir for all fans of Emma Watson! Makes also a cool gift for every occasion!   Brand-new in flawless condition! 40x30 cm (15.75"x11.81") <p class="MsoNormal" style="margin-top: 0cm; margin-right: -.1pt; margin-botto

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Windshield Repair Kit | Windshield Repair Tools
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Jaags also brings to you Windshield Repair Kit . We committed to continually upgrade our products. We also provide 24/7 customer assistance and provide our expert service. Visit our website now to place your order. Contact us-   Business Name /Contact Person: - Gourav Goswami Country/Region:- USA Street Address:- 3568 Jude circle City:- Twinsburg State:- Ohio Postal Code:- 44087 Phone No:- 330 888 9357 Email Id:- Website:-

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Install 4ft LED Tube Lights for Residential and Commercial Places
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Want to replace the traditional flickering fluorescent tubes? Then, You need to install the best quality, Single-ended power 4ft LED Tube lights as it has the perfect lumen output of 2400lm to make the interior of any residential as well as commercial places more beautiful.   This T8 4ft 18W LED Tube Light Fixture can be easily installed with the help of a non-shunted tombstone for a long time period. This lighting fixture can easily retrofit the fluorescent tubes consuming 40W and save up to 22W per fixture resulting in saving 75% on your energy bills over time. Some salient features of T8 4ft 18W LED Tube Light are: Doesn’t require any exiting ballast Flickering and buzzing free illumination Low Maintenance cost Aluminum heat sink IP44 rated The life span of 5.7 years CRI>80 Available Color Temperature-5000K cUL and RoHS Listed Free Shipping on CAD199 5-year manufacturer warranty 30-days return policy  You can contact our customer care service anytime at (437-800-1071) for any query.

$19.30 CAD

Bright your Parking Lots By Using LED Integrated Tube Light
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Have a Better Illumination at large indoor spaces like hallways, corridors, parking lots and other places by the LED Integrated Tube Lights from LEDMyplace. This lighting fixture has the perfect lumen output and can a wide beam angle to provides the proper visibility in each corner.   This Energy E fficient LED Integrated Tube Lights  can easily replace the high energy consuming fluorescent tubes while marking down the energy consumption by 75%. You can easily daisy-chain these fixtures to cover the larger spaces.  Some salient features of LED Integrated Tube Lights: Available in 2ft, 4ft, and 8ft Wider beam angle >120 degrees The life span of 50,000 hours Color Temperature-5000K & 6500K ETL and DLC certified High lumen output up to 7800lm. Eco-friendly Free shipping on orders above CAD 199   At LEDMyplace, we provide 5-year manufacturing warranty with a 30-days return policy. Our customer service support system will answer all your query at (437-800-1071).

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Replace Traditional MH Lights with the Smart Single Pin 8 ft LED Tubes
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Before finalizing the lights for your residential or commercial places, apart from the watts consumed by those lights, considering the color temperature is also important to enjoy the light rays without putting a strain on the eyes. Hence for all the indoor lighting needs, you can use a standard sized T8 8ft 40w LED Tube  for enjoying the brightness that doesn’t bother you at all.   Advantages of using a single pin t8 8ft 40w LED tube are as follows:   ●  A most  important factor, the color temperature of these single pin tubes is 4000K which produces a neutral white light glow that is perfect to make the ambiance  more productive and appealing. ●  Also, the Heat Dissipation mechanism allows this t8 8ft 40w  LED tubes  to stay cooler even of used for a longer period of time of up to 50,000 that too if kept ON for 24 hours a day. ●  Enjoy the utmost lighting with no flicker and without wasting your time waiting for the lights to turn ON. ●  <span style="font-family: Calibri; font-variant-num

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Let Your Homes Speak Your Personality, use 8ft Single Pin LED Tube
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Every home is special and different and thus their lighting requirement also differ, the lighting we choose for our homes speak a lot about our personality and helps in leaving an ever-lasting impression on the guests and visitors. We can use LED tubes to enhance the look of our interiors and they are also the resemblance of our personality. Today market is flooded with numerous design of LED tubes and one popular among them is the 8ft single pin 48w LED  tube  which can help us in saving a significant amount of the cash and electricity in brighten the environment. Beneath are the advantages of installing 8ft single ended 48w LED tube inside our homes:   -> These single pin LED tubes can work without the ballast and you need to remove the existing ballast and directly wire the tubes to the main line source. By replacing your existing tubes with the 8ft single pin 48 LED tubes you can save almost 80% of your energy bills. -> The 8ft single pin 48w LED tube is ETL certified which gives you a guarantee of using the safe product for your family members. Also by using these lights you can protect your loved ones from the electric shocks as well. -> The 8ft single pin 48w LED tube produces 5800 lumens with the Color temperature of 5000 K that offers a pleasant and mood enhancing environment. -> These single pin LED lights are UL and DLC certified and comes with a 5 years of warranty from the manufacture’s which gives you another reason to buy these eco-friendly lights. With the growing electricity bills, it is very crucial to use that form of LED lights that are lower in terms of costing but best in the usage. And there is no better option than these single pin LED tubes that can be installed quickly and easily without giving any kind of botheration to you and to your family members. 

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Trust only Renowned Manufactures while Buying 300w LED Pole Lights
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Using LED lights being designed by a renowned company is utmost important so that you can be assured of getting the best lights for the lighting purposes. Streets or highways are the places which are used by millions of people during the late nights and they need proper lights to reach their destination safely and on time. For this outdoor lighting and safety purpose, you can a LED Pole Light  that is manufactured by LEDMyplace and you can make significant reductions in your monthly bills as well. Benefits of using a 300w LED pole light is as follows ●  These lights start immediately while turning them on without producing any noise or flickering. ●  The lifespan of these 300w LED pole lights  is close to 50,000 hours with very low time-luminosity decay. Also, the lumen output is 40,000. ●  The CRI of 300w LED pole lights  ranges between 70-90 and with such a  higher CRI you can have optical distributions of light your automotive frontlines, large parking lots and high mast applications. ●  Eco-friendly: no lead, mercury or other contaminants. <p class="MsoNormal" style="margin-top: 0.0000pt; margin-right: 0.0000pt; margin-bottom: 10.0000pt; margin-left: 36.0000pt; text-indent: -18.0000pt; padding: 0pt 0pt 0pt 0pt; mso-pagination: widow-orphan; text-align: j

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