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Mega Scan Pro 2019 gold and metal detector with German technology
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Best Gold Metal Detector Mega Scan Pro 2019   Mega Scan Pro 2019 gold and metal detector with German technology From golden detector company  This device upgraded and have a lot of new features and improvements to previously available features to provide you with a device that fully meets your needs in the detection of gold and treasures ..   3 integrated systems to search for gold, metals and spaces: 1-LONG RANGE LOCATOR SYSTEM 2-IONIC SCAN SYSTEM 3-MAGNETOMETER SYSTEM   In the new version of Mega Scan Pro 2019 a new Ionic Scan System has been added in addition to the long-range locator system and magnetometer system to give the operator more accurate and reliable results and the he can switch between systems easily by choosing the system to be searched with. The sensor system in the Mega Scan Pro device has 10 search programs the user can detect: • Gold Treasures • Gold Nugget • Silver  • Bronze • Copper • Iron • Platinum • Cavity • Gemstones • Diamond And gems up to an underground depths of (40 meters) and an extent of front search range up to (2000 meters) on the surface  Mega Scan Pro with its built-in features and included accessories and special advanced technologies, is considered a professional device for all metal detection activities in all terrain. The device graphical user interface (GUI) available in 8 languages, you can select the language from start screen and the settings will be saved even if you restart the device    Get it now with a free 5 Years Warranty from mega locator factory  To read more about this device follow this link please:\   We always welcome you in our company and our gallery  Our address: Please subscribe to our YouTube channel for more info about this device and other devices: contact us : Mobile1: 00971507737755 Mobile2: 00971503380055 Phone: 0097126584321 Gold detector metal detector gold detectors 2019 metal detectors 2019 mega_scan_pro_2019 gold metal detector  

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Win $500 of Diapers from for FREE!
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I had twins many years ago, and buying diapers was a big expense. I used so many I invented the term "kilodiaper", or 1,000 diapers. It took us less than two months to go through that many. So, if you have a newborn, infant, or toddler and NEED diapers then simply enter to win $500 wirth of diaprs from Nothing to buy, limited time to enter, we run one contest every month. Simply complete a short survey and we randomly select a winner at the end of the month. You pick the mix of diapers you want, and I send them right to your door! An Amazon gift card for $500 can be requested instead of diapers.

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Swimsuits and accessories
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There's still time to get a great suit for Summer!   You won't find bigger selection than what we have at Camochic, including swim trunks for guys and boys not to mention beach towels and sunglasses to finish off the look.   Prices start at $15   Check out our website for our full collection & special offers. Remember, if you are looking for something specific, let us know and we will do our best to find it for you.   #camochic #swimsuits #bikini #swimtrunks #camo #sunglasses #beachtowels  

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 Eliminate All The Dark Spots By Using The Best 8ft LED Integrated Tubes
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Today there are many different sizes available in the LED tubes, and one among them is a standard 8 feet sized tube that can be used at the commercial residential or industrial units as well. You can use an  8ft LED Integrated Tube Light Fixture  among many other lights to experience significant reductions in utility bills. Benefits of using an 8ft LED Integrated tube are as follows: These led tubes are the single-ended tubes were you have to screw the ballast after cutting off the hot and neutral wires, to begin with, the installation process. You can also seek an electrician help of facing any kind of difficulty. The lumen output is 7800 lumens with the light of up to 134 Lumens per watt; the color temperature of these led tubes is 6500K which is ideal for the indoor lighting purposes. You can enjoy 5 years of warranty from the manufacturer along with 30 days return policy. These 60w led tubes can be easily fixed on the ceiling can be wall-mounted as well. Use the lights for a period of 50,000 hours, also you can replace a 160w of a halogen light with this 60w integrated tube and can make great savings. By using these tube lights you can illuminate all the corner places in a more lighten and enhanced way, thanks to its wider beam angle of 130 degrees.

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 Install (LED Linear High Bay) Light to make even Corners visible
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Many times while installing the lights at the big indoor places, we are able to illuminate only the center area only and the corner places still remain dull and invisible. This is due to the insufficient beam angle that is capable to lighten only the limited area rather than focusing the entire place.  But if we choose to use a  LED Linear High Bay   Light,   it’s   ultra-beam angle can illuminate the entire place thus leaving no dark spots anywhere. Among many linear high bay lights, you can use a 2ft   LED linear high bay light for your warehouse or any other commercial unit to lighten the entire bigger place with a steep decline in the overall monthly electricity bills as well.  Specifications of a 2ft LED linear high bay light are as follows: This 2ft   LED linear high bay light   emits   21,285 lumens by using just 165w of energy with the color temperature of 4000K.  Also, these LED linear high bays are UL and DLC certified which make them eligible for the rebates and incentives as well, also use these lights for more than 50,000 hours even if you use them for 12 hours in a day as well.  The wider beam angle of greater than 110 Degree allow these lights to remove dark spots from the extreme corners as well thus making the entire bay more lighten Use these dimmable lights whose dimming range varies from 10 volts to 0 volts so that you can further witness a decline in the overall electricity bills as well.  So install this 2ft   LED linear high bay light   and enjoy get 5 years of warranty in addition to 30-day return policy from the manufacture on buying these eco-friendly lights.

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Get The Best 240W UFO LED High Bay Lights For Warehouse Lighting
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We all understand the need and importance of good lighting and it is essential to create an uncomfortable and pleasant experience, especially when these lights are installed at the indoor commercial and industrial places. If you also want your workers or employees to work with 100% efficiency, then you can install LED high bay lights, especially when the place has a higher ceiling and it becomes difficult for the traditional lights to provide lighting when installing at height. Among various types of high bay lights, you can install square  240W UFO LED High Bay Light  at the places where the ceiling height ranges between 20fts-30fts. Other advantages of using 240W UFO LED High Bay Lights are as follows: The lumen output of 240W UFO LED high bay lights is 35,000 lumens and also the color temperature of these lights is 5700K. By replacing them with 550W MH fixtures, you can save 310W per fixture, it will be very beneficial especially when you need to install a number of lights at the commercial place. Use them for at least 50,000 hours which is much better than the traditional form of lights, these lights can be easily installed with hook-mounted or ceiling mounted method on the ceiling of the warehouse. These are dimming lights with dimming option ranges from 0V to 10V, also with the higher beam angle of more than 120 degrees, you can illuminate bigger and wider places. These lights are eco-friendly lights and will not pollute the nature with harmful substances. So make the best use of the technology by installing DLC approved 240W UFO LED High Bay Light, there are many other different styled high bay LEDs as well that you can pick according to the lighting requirement and height of the building.

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  Install Eco-Friendly (LED Pole Lights) and Save Energy Now 60% Off
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Before finalizing the outdoor lights, just make sure that they can be installed easily and quickly and are better than those heavy and bulky lights that take much time to be installed. Foo lightening outdoor places. You can use LED pole lights that can make the cities brighter and safer for the citizens to enjoy the nightlife in an optimistic way. Among various lights, you can use 150w  LED Pole Lights  that come with quicker installation option and provides maximum visibility.  Specifications of 150W LED Pole Lights are as follows: These bronze-colored 150w LED floodlights have an IP65 rating that protects these lights from dust and low-pressure water jets coming from any direction. With the help of ultra-wide-angle optic lens, the light rays are distributed in a more uniform way making the places or areas more lighten.  Comes with a lumen output of 21,000 these 150w LED pole lights are better than the normal MH lights and you can replace a 400w MH light with this 150w flood LED light.  These LED pole lights are photocell enabled lights that will turn the lights automatically on and off the lights as per the surrounding lights, which is beneficial in saving much energy especially in case you forget to turn off these lights. Also, these lights don’t emit harmful UV/IV rays that otherwise are harmful to human’s health and can risk their lives as well.  So switch to these 150w LED pole lights to have hassle-free lighting along with taking into consideration that the environment is also not getting damaged.  

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AffordableAssets || eBay Stores
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AffordableAssets is your one-stop shop for premium, highly desired items at affordable prices. Through our dedication to providing unparalleled customer service and our passion for offering high-quality, affordable home and lifestyle products, we have made it our mission to encourage healthy, happy living. Visit: Phone: 617-935-4756 Email:    

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Let Your Factories Be More Productive By Using (150W LED UFO High Bay Lights)
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For increasing the productive at your workplace you need to provide proper and sufficient lights to the workers so that they can work in a visible and safer way, as lacking in it can result in lower productivity. The factories are the places where the height of the ceiling is relatively higher and for the lighting purpose, you need special lights such as High bay LED lights that are designed for the high ceiling places only.    For all those indoor places where the ceiling height is more than 15ft, it's advisable to use 150W LED UFO High Bay Light to have outstanding lighting results.    Benefits of using 150w LED UFO high bay light are as follows:   The lumen output of this 150w LED UFO high bay lights is more than 21,000 with lumen efficiency of 130 lumens per watt.  You can replace a 400W MH fixture with this 150w high bay light and can have savings of more than 75% of energy per fixture. Comes with a color temperature of 5700K making it ideal for the indoor places.  Use these light rays for a period of at least 50,000 hours.  Comes with a dimming option and beam angle of more than 120 Degree will cover all the corners of the place effectively. Also, get 5 years warranty from the manufacture on buying these DLC certified high bays.  Also, you can install the fixture of this 150w LED UFO high bay lights in various mounting ways that will reduce the installation time to just one-fifth.

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Enhance Your Outdoor Lighting by (100W LED Corn Bulbs)
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Today among the wide variety of LED lighting products, the LED Corn Bulbs are considered as one of the brightest form of lighting option that provides 360-degree lighting making it the perfect choice for the commercial and residential lighting needs. There are many LED Corn Bulbs available in the market that differ by size, watts etc and among them you can use 100 watt LED Corn Bulb that can replace more energy-consuming metal halide (MH) bulbs.   Other Advantages of using 100 watt LED Corn Bulb are as follows:   This  LED Corn Bulb is IP64 rated and can be used at the outdoor commercial and residential places as well such as building entrance and the backyard.  These corn bulbs produce 11852 lumens and also its color temperature is 5700K; by replacing them with the 400W metal-halide bulbs you can make energy savings by at least 75%. Also the CRI of more than 80 allows you to make the objects look more real, this feature of these  LED Corn Bulb help you to make the displayed items look more clear.  This 100W LED Corn Bulb has an E29 base that can make convenient retrofitting in existing fixtures; also the excellent Heat Dissipation technology ensures maximum heat dissipation.  Enjoy 5 Years Manufacturer’s Warranty on purchasing these lights that will give you more satisfactory experience.   So buy this 100 watt LED Corn Bulb that can give you energy-savings of at least 75% and once purchased you can use them for more number of years and that too in an eco-friendly way.  Customer support:    888-972-6211

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