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Experience Colour Changeable Mirrors by Installing (LED Vanity Mirror) Experience Colour Changeable Mirrors by Installing (LED Vanity Mirror)

Do you want to look your best every day? Install  LED Vanity Mirror  to your indoor space and get the best reflection of yourself. This is not just a normal mirror, it is a lighting fixture that comes with the LED lights that illuminate the area as well.    Check out the more information about the fixture down below:   One-touch on and off In-built defogger Comes with the variant sizes 24x36 Inch, 36x36 Inch, 36x48 Inch, and 22 Inch Doesn’t require any maintenance after the 50,000 hours of continuous use Changeable correlated color temperature with color remembrance 90+ color rendering index Slim and sleek design ETL certified   Starting price of LED Vanity Mirror is $199.99. Get the fixture with the free shipping and 2 years of manufacturer warranty.  

Led Bathroom Light, Led Vanity Mirror, Usa $199.99 USD
Choose Energy Efficient Lights, (Flush Mount LED Ceiling Lights) Choose Energy Efficient Lights, (Flush Mount LED Ceiling Lights)

Shop contemporary styled  Flush Mount LED Ceiling Lights  directly from the It is an energy-efficient lighting fixture that is the great replacement of incandescent lighting appliances.   Here are the essential features of Flush Mount LED Ceiling Lights down below:   Easy to install, wire, and operate Dimmable lighting fixture 80+ color rendering index Long lifespan than an incandescent fixture Available in different designs such as: Single ring Double ring Mushroom Disk light Square brushed nickel 180° beam angle to wider the lighting output dispersion <li style="marg

11 Inch Led Flush Mount, Flush Mount Ceiling Light, Flush Mount Led Ceiling Light, Flush Mount Led Lights, Led Ceiling Lights, Led Flush Ceiling Lights, Led Flush Mount, Led Flush Mount Ceiling Lights, Led Flush Mount Fixtures, Led Surface Mount Ceiling Lights, Nickel Flush Mount Ceiling Light, Round Led Flush Mount $18.99 USD
Use Bright Silver 300w LED Pole Light for Security And Vigilance Use Bright Silver 300w LED Pole Light for Security And Vigilance

We always believe that we can install elegant and stylish lights inside our homes only, but the advancement in the LED lighting technology has allowed us to use the most advanced form of lights for the outdoor lighting purposes as well. One such kind of lights is LED pole lights that come in various different colors and designs which can be used to solve the outdoor lighting requirements, you can use Bronze 300w LED Pole Light  for your residential or commercial outdoor lighting requirements Benefits of using Bronze LED pole lights 300w are as follows: ●  These lights are the electrician friendly way of lighting the environment, just wire them and install these lights at the preferred locations. ●  The beautifully finished powder coated lights have uses lightweight die-cast aluminum housing that makes them far superior from those heavy and bulky lights. ●  This Bronze  LED pole light 300w  starts instantly without producing any noise or flickering. ●  On average, the lumen output of these pole lights 300w is  39 514  with a color temperature of 5700K. You can replace a metal halide light that uses 1000w of electricity by this 300w pole light that comes with an adjustable mount. ●  <span style="

Ledpolelights, Outdoorpolelights $235.99 USD
150w LED UFO High Bay Lights are Best for Warehouse 150w LED UFO High Bay Lights are Best for Warehouse

Good indoor lighting not only improves the working efficiency of the people but also livens up space. LED UFO high bay lights are indoor lighting devices which can be mounted on the ceiling of residential or commercial space. LED UFO lights not only give better illumination but also cut down on energy consumption thus reducing electric bills. LED My Place is one of the premium manufacturers of LED lighting devices. We bring to you our best in class 150W LED Ufo High Bay L ights  5700k   at an affordable price of just $94.99.   Our High Bay UFO LED light is shatterproof and ideal for warehouses and indoor ceiling with height up to 15ft to18ft.   Easy to install with hook mounting, these lights save 75% of energy on each fixture. These lights are dimmable from 10V to 0V. These lights are embedded with LED chips to ensure high accuracy and maximum operational efficiency. Here are some salient features of this product. ●  Energy savings of 250 watts on each fixture. These lights can replace 400w conventional lights. ●  Rugged body with IP65 for water and dust proofing. Inbuilt heat sink for better thermal management. ●  CuLuS,  DLC , and FCC approved and rebate eligible. <span style="mso-spacerun: 'yes

150w Led Ufo High Ba $94.99 USD
Choose (LED Troffer Light) That Never Falters Choose (LED Troffer Light) That Never Falters

The LED lighting can drastically reduce the level of electricity wastage within controlled limits of your building, factory or office. Troffer lights used to consume more than 160 watts of energy per fixture to produce ample lighting from a typical 2x4 troffer fitting. Now comes the  LED Troffer Light  which consumes as little as 30 to 50 watts per fixture.  Precisely, great savings on the way as the same LED could save up to $81 per fixture, per year in total energy costs.   From an LED Troffer Light, you get:   Increased savings – LED troffer lights can, in fact, give you good energy-saving with up to 70% of less consumption of electricity and thus, get your purchase product free within just three years of bills saved. Maintenance Costs – LED lights work longer than any other traditional bulb or tube. If compared to a conventional fluorescent troffer light. LED troffer can work for a lifetime from 50,000 to 150,000 hours and work up to a 10-year manufacturer's warranty. Outstanding performance – LED lights to give paramount output because they have great lumen intensity over traditional lights and are still one of the longest working gadgets in the lighting category.   Frequency in on and off cycles don’t tend to influence the working of LED light fixtures and fittings. For a typical warehouse lighting or commercial lighting space with multiple 2x4 LED troffers, we can expect a steady saving of $2,952 in maintenance costs over the course of 3 years.LED troffers come in a variety of fittings and mountable kits. They off

Led Troffer Lights $44.10 USD
(LED Troffer Light) - Best Energy-Efficient Indoor Lighting (LED Troffer Light) - Best Energy-Efficient Indoor Lighting

In a need of  LED Troffer Light ? Now grab them with the 40% and overnight shipping. Now illuminate your commercial space with the high-quality lighting outcome without worrying about the utility bills. Best energy-efficient replacement for the fluorescent tubes.   Specs Of LED Troffer Lights   Available color temperature 4000K and 5000K Available sizes 2x2 and 2x4 Dimmable range 0V - 10V 150° lighting dispersion beam angle 50,000 hours of lifespan High lumen output Best suitable fixture for commercial and industrial space Premium thermal heat dissipation to keep the fixture cool UL & DLC certified lighting appliance <div style="margin: 0px; padding: 0px; border: 0px; font-variant-numeric: inherit; font-variant-east-

Ledtrofferlight, Ledtrofferlights, Usa $44.10 USD
Install (Emergency Exit Light) To Make Your Building Safe Install (Emergency Exit Light) To Make Your Building Safe

Shop Emergency Exit Light from at an affordable price. Make your building safe and emergency ready in the panic situation.  Emergency Exit Light  with LED inside saves energy remarkably with 90 min of battery backup.    Here are some essential features of Emergency Exit Light:   Easy to mount on the side ceiling 91° beam angle Up to 50,000 hours of lifespan High lumen output Installed cadmium battery Working Temp: 32°F to 140°F Strong battery back-up Fire resistance exit light Certified fixture <div style="margin: 0px; padding: 0px; border: 0px; font-variant-numeric: inherit; font-variant-east-asian: inherit; font-stretch: inherit; font-size: 12px; line-height: inherit;

$17.99 USD
Choose (LED Downlight) For Stunning Interior Lighting Choose (LED Downlight) For Stunning Interior Lighting

Lights always play an important role to clarify our spaces and to make them look mesmerizing for others. So, to make your place look more stunning, LEDMyplace brings for you  LED Downlight . These lights recessed in the ceiling in such a way that emits the light downwards and eliminates all the dark spot in your regular lighting.   This downlight is ETL and Energy-Star-Certified ensures the high performance and durability of the product. While this Downlight would not compromise with the illumination and a high CRI>90+ shows you as clear surface possible.    Here are some objectives of using LED Downlight :   Color-Temperature- 3000K to 5000K  Cost-Efficient  Rebate-Eligible  Dimmable  Approx 3000 lumens output  ETL Listed  Energy-Star-Certified  High CRI>90+ 50,000 hours of life efficiency  5-years manufacturer warranty    <div style="margin: 0px; padding: 0px; border: 0px; font: inherit; vertic

Led Downlights; Adownlight; Recessed Lighting; Dimmable Led Downlights; Led Downlight Fixtures; Down $5.87 USD
Choose (LED Troffer Light)- The Most Preferred Office Lighting Choose (LED Troffer Light)- The Most Preferred Office Lighting

While designing an office layout, picking right furniture Is not sufficient, rather you need to invest in proper and accurate lighting plan as well so that the place can look perfect to do office work. For creating contemporary look inside offices, you can install energy-efficient  LED Troffer Light  that will lighten the place in a more illuminating way and besides offices, LED Troffer Light can also be installed inside schools, hospitals, factories among many other places.    Advantages of installing LED Troffer Light are as follows:   The lumen output of these LED troffer light is much more than the existing lights, in case you installed 50w LED troffers that produce 6250 lumens then you can replace then with 375w lights.  The Color Temperature of these lights provides neutral and warm looking light rays that don’t put a strain on your eyes.  These lights are easy to install into the ceiling frame and once you have installed these lights, you can use them for more than 50,000 hours as well.  In order to give you complete satisfaction, LEDMyplace offers 5 years of warranty as well on buying these lights; also you can stay away from harmful UV/IV rays by using these lights. Comes with higher CRI that make the objects look natural and there is almost 80% efficiency in comparison to a natural light source.      In conclusion, we can see that Troffer Lights have energy benefits and maintenance benefits and most importantly these lights deliver quality lighting results that are perfect to lighten the indoor places in a graceful way which all when combined together, will give you many unmatched benefits.  

$44.10 USD
For Optimum Safety Choose (Emergency Exit Light Combo) For Your Building For Optimum Safety Choose (Emergency Exit Light Combo) For Your Building

When it comes to internal safety of the building during fire breakout or any kind of emergency situation, to whom you are relying on. Install LEDMyplace best in segment  LED Emergency Exit Light Combo . Where you get best-certified exit sign lighting with 90-minute power backup. It is best compatible with a commercial building, school, Hospital, seminar hall, cinema theater and many other important places where the human gathering is usual.    Some of the key features of our emergency exit light combo are:   Available Wattage: 3.5W Output: 3W max Color: Red     3.6V Nickel Cadmium Battery Voltage: AC120-277V Charging time: 24 hours Discharge time: 90 minutes Working Temp: 32°F to 140°F Dimension: 11.

$34.99 USD

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