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Use the Best UL Certified 2X4 LED Troffer Lights Inside Offices
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The LED Troffer Lights are the indoor lights that can be used at the commercial or residential places and are much more powerful than the normal lights, these troffer lights are specially designed for use in the modular dropped ceilings where the other lights could not reach. These led lights are the center-basket aligned fixtures and provide the ray of lights from the center to make the place more lovet and powerful. Among various types of lights, you can use 2X4 LED Troffer Lights inside offices, schools, and hospitals to have uninterrupted and uniform lighting without worrying about the soaring lighting bills as well. Advantages of using these LED Lights are as follows: The Color Temperature these troffer lights is 5000k that provides neutral white-daywhite light. Also, the dimmable troffers light are fully compatible with the standard dimmers and can be dimmed from 0-10V. The installing process of these troffer lights is very easy and the fixture of these lights can be installed into the ceiling frame without suspending it and remove a knock out in access plate along with doing the right wiring connections. Once installed, these led troffers can last for 50,000 hours at the minimum which is at least 3-4 times much more than the fluorescent tubes. Also, these 2X4 LED Troffer lights do not warm up easily like the case with the traditional lighting fixtures and neither have any maintenance cost attached to them as well. The lumen output of these 50w LED troffer lights is 6250 lumens and you can replace 375w light with these troffer LED lights to have lower electricity bills. So start using these led lights that are UL Certified and DLC Approved where the UL certified will give you safety from fire and shock hazard while the approval from DLC will allow you to get attractive rebates and incentives from the power companies as well.

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 Eliminate All The Dark Spots By Using The Best 8ft LED Integrated Tubes
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Today there are many different sizes available in the LED tubes, and one among them is a standard 8 feet sized tube that can be used at the commercial residential or industrial units as well. You can use an  8ft LED Integrated Tube Light Fixture  among many other lights to experience significant reductions in utility bills. Benefits of using an 8ft LED Integrated tube are as follows: These led tubes are the single-ended tubes were you have to screw the ballast after cutting off the hot and neutral wires, to begin with, the installation process. You can also seek an electrician help of facing any kind of difficulty. The lumen output is 7800 lumens with the light of up to 134 Lumens per watt; the color temperature of these led tubes is 6500K which is ideal for the indoor lighting purposes. You can enjoy 5 years of warranty from the manufacturer along with 30 days return policy. These 60w led tubes can be easily fixed on the ceiling can be wall-mounted as well. Use the lights for a period of 50,000 hours, also you can replace a 160w of a halogen light with this 60w integrated tube and can make great savings. By using these tube lights you can illuminate all the corner places in a more lighten and enhanced way, thanks to its wider beam angle of 130 degrees.

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2x4 LED Troffer Lights is a Cost-Effective Way to Increase Visibility
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The 2x4 LED Troffer Light Fixture is a rectangular light fixture that is designed for a modular dropped ceiling; it offers general lovet lighting at various different places including schools, offices, and hospitals where maximum lighting is required. Apart from the longer life as compared to the normal lights beneath are some other benefits of installing troffers: Benefits of 2x4 LED Troffer Light: They are energy-efficient and will decrease your electricity bills by a significant amount. The LED energy-saving bulbs provide a cost-saving replacement to the traditional fluorescent bulb and have longer durability as compared to CFLs. Another USP of these troffers is that the required installation fee is very less and they can be easily fitted where budgeted LEDs are required. You can also dim the lights in case you don’t require it. LED grid Troffers are available in various different sizes including 2x2, 2x4 and 1x4 edge lit or back lit light distribution for a shadowless and more evenly distributed effect; LED troffers to include center basket troffers and flat prismatic troffers. With so much variety in LED troffers, you can easily use it for your commercial as well as for residential lighting requirements. Select from 1X4, 2X2 and 2X4 flat LED lights for the enhanced lighting in schools, offices, shops, hotels or any other location where better visibility is a prerequisite. So start buying these smart LED Troffers and save your money and the country’s energy consumption simultaneously.

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Install New Latest Technology Dimmable LED Light Bulbs
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Introducing you the latest technology light bulb the Dimmable LED Light Bulbs. These bulbs are designed with the latest LEDs technology and save 75% to 80% of energy. By saving your energy these Dimmable LED Light Bulbs would not compromise with the illumination. Offering you the latest technology these Energy Saving LED Light Bulbs comes with a dimmable feature. So, you can control the level of brightness from (0V to 10V). Features of Dimmable LED Light Bulbs: 3000K to 65000K Color Temperature Rebate eligible Dimmable Wide beam angle High Lumens output Long working life High CRI UV and Mercury-free 3-year manufacturer warranty This LED Light Bulb is UL, Energy Star certified which makes the fixture completely safe for use. Place your order now!! Contact us on (437-800-1071) or visit us

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