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$7.00 CAD

Install cULus AND Rohs Approved LED Tube Light
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Shop  LED Tube  in the LED Indoor Lights section of Replace your fluorescent tube and take a step ahead to saving 75% money on the energy bills. We have the wide collection energy-efficient lights don’t let you sacrifice with the lighting requirement. LED Tube Specs:- • Available size 2ft, 4ft, and 8ft • A wide range of light shade • 80+ color rendering index • Compatible with ballast, without ballast, and hybrid • Plug and play installation process • 50,000 hours of operational life • Doesn’t get heat up while operating because of thermal heat dissipation • Wider light dispersion angle • Low maintenance cost • UL and DLC certified Order now LED Tubes and get the 5 years of manufacturer’s warranty with 30 days easy replacement/refund policies. Contact us via 437-800-1071 or have a live chat with the support team.

$18.41 CAD

Bright Your Indoor Lighting By Using Best LED Bulb
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Illuminate your indoor areas with an utmost brightness, without spending much! Install these LED Bulbs and creates a true ambiance of light at your residential areas. While these bulbs can easily replace your halogen and incandescent bulbs and bring you energy-saving of 75% to 80%. LEDMyplace brings these LED Light Bulbs at several ranges and design. While these bulbs are highly eco-friendly and do not contain any mercury or lead in them. Also, having 50,000 hours of log working life as well. Specifications of LED Bulbs: Perfectly safe for indoor use Cost-saving Easy retrofit CRI>80 3000K to 6500K Color Temperature Glare-free light Dimmable (0V to 10V) 15,000 hour of long life Wide beam angle Internal heat sink UV and Mercury-free 3-years of manufacturer's warranty Order now! Call us on (437-800-1071) or visit us on

$141.96 CAD

Use the Best UL Certified 2X4 LED Troffer Lights Inside Offices
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The LED Troffer Lights are the indoor lights that can be used at the commercial or residential places and are much more powerful than the normal lights, these troffer lights are specially designed for use in the modular dropped ceilings where the other lights could not reach. These led lights are the center-basket aligned fixtures and provide the ray of lights from the center to make the place more lovet and powerful. Among various types of lights, you can use 2X4 LED Troffer Lights inside offices, schools, and hospitals to have uninterrupted and uniform lighting without worrying about the soaring lighting bills as well. Advantages of using these LED Lights are as follows: The Color Temperature these troffer lights is 5000k that provides neutral white-daywhite light. Also, the dimmable troffers light are fully compatible with the standard dimmers and can be dimmed from 0-10V. The installing process of these troffer lights is very easy and the fixture of these lights can be installed into the ceiling frame without suspending it and remove a knock out in access plate along with doing the right wiring connections. Once installed, these led troffers can last for 50,000 hours at the minimum which is at least 3-4 times much more than the fluorescent tubes. Also, these 2X4 LED Troffer lights do not warm up easily like the case with the traditional lighting fixtures and neither have any maintenance cost attached to them as well. The lumen output of these 50w LED troffer lights is 6250 lumens and you can replace 375w light with these troffer LED lights to have lower electricity bills. So start using these led lights that are UL Certified and DLC Approved where the UL certified will give you safety from fire and shock hazard while the approval from DLC will allow you to get attractive rebates and incentives from the power companies as well.

$163.78 CAD

Use the Best Quality (LED UFO High Bay) for Warehouse
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A LED UFO High Bay straight light is a UFO circle moulded LED luminaire framework which includes a level essential aluminum lodging with optics explicitly arranged to upgrade the light dissemination over a given territory without depending on large reflectors. These LED UFO High Bay Warehouse Lighting Fixture is directional and require optics, which is generally reflectors for ordinary LED high straight lights, to meet the light yield designs important for some applications and you can use these light for Workshops, Factories, Warehouses, Highway, Đ¢oll Stations, Gas Stations, Malls, Exhibition Halls, Stadium's and different gigantic areas. Applications of LED UFO High Bay: Substantial substitution: An extraordinary substitution to 400W MH establishment, the LED High Bay installation causes you to put aside to 240W of essentialness per apparatus. Shading Temperature: The 4000K & 5700k Color Temperature is on the sweet spot for your unit, not every virus. Prevalent Quality: The LED UFO High Bay will perform better than anything any conventional metal halide lights, with its lumen yield of 35,0000 Lumens. Splendid life expectancy: With a future of 50,000 hours, this choice LED High Bay light will have your back for a significant time allotment. This apparatus can without quite a bit of a stretch be catch mounted, rooftop-mounted and ½" NPT Mounted on the metal structure of the unit, decreasing foundation time to one-fifth of what standard establishments eat up. No vacillations issues: laIt offers the chance to control the splendor with decreasing part reaching out from 0V to 10V. Voltage Input: 100 - 277 Volts Column Angle: 120 Degree IP65 evaluated: Moisture and buildup resistance Certifications: cULus, DLC and FCC Approved IP65: Moisture and buildup block Five years of Manufacturer's Warranty and 30-day stock trade will keep you deciding in favor of alert. For more info contact us (437-800-1071) or visit us

$67.38 CAD

Install New Latest Technology Dimmable LED Light Bulbs
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Introducing you the latest technology light bulb the Dimmable LED Light Bulbs. These bulbs are designed with the latest LEDs technology and save 75% to 80% of energy. By saving your energy these Dimmable LED Light Bulbs would not compromise with the illumination. Offering you the latest technology these Energy Saving LED Light Bulbs comes with a dimmable feature. So, you can control the level of brightness from (0V to 10V). Features of Dimmable LED Light Bulbs: 3000K to 65000K Color Temperature Rebate eligible Dimmable Wide beam angle High Lumens output Long working life High CRI UV and Mercury-free 3-year manufacturer warranty This LED Light Bulb is UL, Energy Star certified which makes the fixture completely safe for use. Place your order now!! Contact us on (437-800-1071) or visit us

$13.49 CAD

5/6 Inch Dimmable LED Downlights Are Perfect For Drawing & Dining Rooms
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There is definitely no doubt to the fact that the lights installed at the indoor places are useful in enhancing our mood and making us feels more positive and optimistic. If you also want to enhance the overall mood of yours and of your family members as well, along with making the indoor places look more visible and attractive then invest in bright lights such as LED downlights that are a perfect combination of functionality and attractiveness as well. Install 5/6’’ Dimmable LED Downlight Fixture among various other dimmable downlights. Advantages of Installing 5/6’’ Dimmable LED Downlights: On consuming just 15w of energy, these 5/6’’ Dimmable LED Downlights are a perfect replacement to the 100W of traditional lights. Comes with the color temperature of 3000k, 4000k and 5000k so that you can choose from various different color temperature options. Since these lights are environment-friendly lights, so you can ensure that your loved ones are staying protected from getting exposed to harmful UV/IV rays. They are fully compatible with most of the dimmers that comes in the market and you can use these lights instantly once you have turned them on. These lights are the perfect way to lighten the indoor places without worrying about the overall lighting results for at least 50,000 hours which is significantly much more than the normal halogen downlights. In addition, you will also get 5 years of warranty from the manufacturer end on purchasing these 5/6’’ Dimmable LED Downlights in addition to many other styled LED downlights as well.

$19.30 CAD

Save your Money By Using Best Quality (LED Integrated Tube)
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Get the free shipping on the bulk order of LED Integrated Tube Lights . Guaranteed cheapest price on huge energy-saving lighting appliances. Plug and play installation and better lighting outcome than others. Essential features of LED Integrated Tube: High power efficiency Easy to install Instant-on Cool white light shade Long operational hours 80+ color rendering index 180-degree ultra-wide beam angle Aluminum heat sink dissipation IP44 rated tube to protect it against dust and water Low maintenance cost Suitable for damp location ETL and DLC certified Buy LED Integrated Tube and save 75% money on utility bills on a daily basis. For more such information call at 437-800-1071 or have a live chat with us.

$168.82 CAD

Install Best LED UFO High Bay For Warehouse Lighting
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Warehouse lighting is a tough task! We know this and also takes a lot of expenses. That's why LEDMyplace manufactured LED UFO High Bay Lighting. A fixture that fits in your budget and provides you the utmost brightness. This  Energy-Efficient LED UFO High Bay  is designed to provide excellent performance by saving the maximum amount of energy. To save up to 80% of the energy we offer you an additional dimmable feature. So, you can control the level of illumination from 0V to 10V according to your needs. Features of LED UFO High Bay: Energy Saving Easy installation 4000K to 5700K Color Temperature Dimmable High Lumens output IP65-rated weatherproof 50,000 hour of long life 30-days return policy Free-Shipping on CAD 199 5-years manufacturer warranty Enlighten your warehouses, commercial and industrial areas with energy-efficient lighting. Place your order now! Contact us on (437-800-1071) or visit us

$168.82 CAD

Reduce Your Energy Consumption By Using LED UFO High Bay Light
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Reliable, Long Lasting, Energy-efficient, warehouse lighting is all everyone wants. Keeping this in mind manufactured the best quality, Futuristic designed LED UFO High Bay Lights which has enough lumen output to illuminate the whole indoor spaces of industry or warehouse even mounted on the ceiling height of 15ft-20ft.   These  LED UFO Warehouse Lighting Fixtures  give you the freedom to control the illumination and energy consumption by its dimmable features which can save energy on a daily basis. These lights can easily replace the high energy consuming HID lights while marking down the energy consumption by 75%.   Some Salient Features Of Led Ufo Warehouse Lights Are: Energy-Efficient Easy to install Dimmable ranges from 0-10 and vice versa High CRI>80 High lumen output up to 35000 lm Emits white light Color temperature- 4000K -5700K High CRI>80 Available wattage ranges from 100W-240W Easily replace up to 550W-1000W of HID Lights Doesn’t contain any harmful elements like mercury or lead Environment-friendly IP65 rated   At, you have 30-days return policy with a 24/7 customer support system at (437-800-1071).

$168.82 CAD

Illuminate The Whole Indoor Spaces By Using Led Ufo High Bay Light
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Your Warehouse needs ideal lighting to have proper visibility in every corner for the employees or workers to be more productive. Keeping this in mind LEDMyplace manufactured the best quality, futuristic designed UFO High Bay Lights which has enough lumen output to illuminate the whole indoor spaces even installed at the ceiling heights of 15ft-20fts.   These LED UFO High Bay Warehouse Lighting also gives you the freedom to control the illumination and energy consumption by its dimmable features which can help in saving the energy consumption on a daily basis.   Some Advantages You Will Get By Installing Led Ufo High Bay Lights Are:   Energy Efficient Eco-friendly Easy to Install IP65 rated water and dustproof Easily replaces up to 1000W of HID Lights Low Maintenance Cost Available fixtures of 100W-240W Color Temperature 4000K to 5700K High lumen output cUL and DLC Listed   At LEDMyplace, you will have a 24/7 customer support service (437-800-1071) to assist you while choosing the right fixture.

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