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Thread: Read the Other People's Posts and Respond

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    Default Read the Other People's Posts and Respond

    Thank you for your interest in The Free Ad Forum.
    You are welcome to come back here everyday and
    post ads for your various, programs and services
    absolutely free.

    Make sure after you register to set up your signature.
    This is a little 265 character signature/ad which
    will appear in every one of your posts.

    After make your own posts the next step is to start to read the
    posts of other posters. You have the opportunity to respond,
    to these posts, ask questions, solicit joint ventures or just comment.
    If you have set up your signature file in the profile section
    your signature will get included in all your comments.
    You can put a little ad about your website or program in the
    signature with the url of your website.

    The cool part of responding to other people's posts is that not
    only will the poster be notified of your response but they will
    also see your signature. This is additional advertising for you.

    Plus all your replies, comments, and signature files are posted
    on our website and indexed by the search engines.
    Some people have replied to thousands of forum posts.
    This gives them unbelievable amounts of free traffic.

    Set up your signature in the profile section and reply to other poster's ads.
    You will be surprised how much you will learn.
    You may find some valuable joint venture partners,
    advertising opportunities etc.

    Also make sure that you click the "Notify me when
    a reply is posted" chec kbox when you set up new posts.
    This way you will be notified
    when someone replies to your post.

    So to summarize:
    1. Set your signature ad in the profile section after registration.
    2. Do not just make your post and leave. Read the posts of others
    and post your comments which will include your signature
    3. Always check "Notify me when a reply is posted" when
    creating a new post.

    Here is another tip: Bookmark your posts in all the popular social media outlets.
    This will give your post extra "juice" in the search engines and they will be
    indexed faster. Also spread the love. If you see a post which is interesting
    bookmark it, tweet it, facebook etc.
    I have installed little icons at the end
    of each posts for most social bookmarking sites to make this easy.
    Notice the forum is now using search engine friendly urls. The urls reflect the
    keywords of the topic. We installed VBSEO software which maximizes the
    SEO possibilities of the forum.

    Remember to choose to receive immediate email notification on all your posts.
    This way when somebody responds you will know right away and you can
    give an immediate comment if you like.

    Good luck. I invite you to lurk around this
    forum and take full advantage of the free
    advertising opportunities.


    Matthew Meyer
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