I have included social bookmarking icons all over the forum. Top center, lower left of posts, and share buttons are actually in all posts. Use them! I have been experimenting and just by bookmarking some posts I am seeing immediate huge spikes in traffic. Remember your posts here are permanent and get indexed by the search engines and can give you good long term traffic results. Take a few seconds and bookmark each of your posts and other posts you find interesting in all your favorite social media outlets. It really works!

If you have not signed up for Delicious, Stumbleupon, or Digg please do so here:
Digg Signup. Click the "Submit Link" button on the upper left and you will get a pop up to register.
Delicious Sign up.

I assume you already have a Google, Facebook, and Twitter accounts. If not just go to their sites and register. If you are logged into all these services while you are looking and posting on the forum you can just click any of the share icons and automatically bookmark posts. Make sure to bookmark your own and others you find interesting. You will get immediate traffic as well as good long term SEO results with this.

Thank you!

Matthew Meyer