Joseph Williams

 Location: Mount Vernon, New York, United States



 User Description: For the CFO of CINEVOCE INC. The development of this company's production is: ● To create work opportunities from this creatively advanced production, for people of all professions within entertainment around the world, of who have been severely affected by COVID-19. ● To actively incorporate the latest technology to production design, with the aim to link entertainment to virtual space, and provide new live entertainment in this time of the pandemic, and the future. ● To expand "music fans" across diverse music genres, particularly those in the rising entertainment market in Asia. From presenting this multi-genre content(s), we strive to increase the global expansion of revenue sources, and as a result, increase profits and establish corporate strength. This serves as the basis of the concept we are developing on. Furthermore, the next three years of this production is based on the vision of the President & CEO's 27 years of experience, knowledge, and network within the United States and abroad— and the possibility of its realization and the actual materialized plan has been verified. Through the principal members of the U.S. Government’s Entertainment Industry jurisdiction, this production has been under careful examination, and has received official recognition as an authorized project. Therefore, all candidates should share similar understanding and familiarity with the above concepts; this, is a vetted, official project backed by the U.S. government, organized and assimilated by a musical genius and 27 year veteran of the industry. The prospective fractional CFO should have the experience and knowledge of all related CFO duties before applying for this position, and should carry the same high commitment, and energetic readiness in risk-taking as the CEO. In other words, we place the highest priority on the individuals's "Committment Mindset", as representative of the company and it's production as one's own. As this company is still in the start-up process, up to now the President & CEO has raised funds on his own, but given the likely success of this production, it is impossible for the him at this time to serve other duties concurrently, and should be distributed. The regular responsibilities of the CFO of this company, as a start up, is as follows: • Business planning • Financial forecasting • Cost-benefit analyses • Obtaining funding for corporate initiatives • Above all, however, urgent fundraising is required. Skills and Qualifications • Master’s degree in accounting, business accounting, or finance • 5+ years experience in executive leadership positions • Leadership skills, with steadfast resolve and personal integrity • Exceptional verbal, written, and visual communication skills • Understanding of advanced accounting, regulatory issues, and tax planning • Working knowledge of raising capital beyond traditional lines of credit Preferred Qualifications • International experience • Experience with mergers and acquisitions and investor relations • Executive experience with SaaS business models and their associated revenue recognition is strongly preferred • Fluent in Japanese a plus but not mandatory • Basic understanding of the Metaverse • CPA a strong plus For Interested Parties... Please send email to:

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