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Biggest Price Drop On The 240W LED High Bay Lights! Buy Now Biggest Price Drop On The 240W LED High Bay Lights! Buy Now

The LED UFO High Bay Lights are specifically designed for high ceilings and larger areas. These lights focus light more directly to create powerful illumination at a long range. This feature makes them ideal for commercial and industrial applications such as warehouses. While there are several lighting options, when it comes to installing light fixtures in your facility, choosing the 240W LED High Bay UFO 4000K lighting can ensure you a better lighting experience that you will never regret. A replacement to 550W MH fixture, the 240W LED High Bay UFO 4000K fixture helps save worth 310W per fixture. A commercial unit requires a lot of these fixtures, so just calculate your savings here. Available Color Temperature is 4000K which makes it an ideal color temperature for indoor commercial space. Offering a lumen output of 31,231 Lumens and Lumen Efficacy of 130 Lumens/Watt, the 240W LED High Bay UFO 4000K light will bring in more brightness than any other light of the same kind. Also, this fixture can easily be hook-mounted on the ceiling of the space, reducing installation time to one-fifth of what traditional fixtures consume. Features: • Easy installation: It’s an easy installation for the recessed lighting provided through UFO high bay. It can be mounted on the ceiling via a hook. • 0-10 Dimmable feature: The UFO high bay light is dimmable from 10 volts to 0 volts. At 10 volts, the lighting is at 100% of its potential output. • Thermal heat dissipation: The UFO high bay lighting fixtures come with a big heat sink that is manufactured out of aluminum to offer optimum excellent heat dissipation. • Premium LED Chips: To maintain the highest quality of the high bay light, the only premium LED chips are used. The chips are packaged inside the product with high precision and accuracy to render optimum operational efficiency. • IP 65 Water Proof: This is a rating of the efficiency of the high bay light against dust and water. • Rugged Construction: The housing of these UFO high bay light is designed in rugged die-cast aluminum to impart the fixture the needed durability to withstand any external tampering. <br style="box-sizing: border-box; font-

240w Led High Bay Uf, Led High Bay Lights, Led Ufo High Bay, Ufo Led High Bay $314.25 CAD
Get the Biggest Sale On Dimmable LED Disk Downlights Get the Biggest Sale On Dimmable LED Disk Downlights

LED downlights are easy to install and are a great choice with a dimmable feature.   These Dimmable LED Disk Downlights are energy efficient and have been proved to last longer than any other types of lights. Dimmers are devices that are used to adjust the brightness of a light. It is attained by altering the voltage waveform in the light and thus making it possible to change and adjust the intensity of the brightness. Accordingly, by using a good dimmer, it is possible to reduce the voltage supplied to the Dimmable LED Disk Downlights which will result in a decrease in energy consumption and costs. In addition, the lifetime of these led disk downlights will enhance which means that there is no need to change lights very often. Features of Dimmable LED Disk Downlights • Color temperatures: These downlights are accessible in 3000K, 4000K and 5000K, and are popular in a residential or commercial application, because of their ultra-wide beam angle (270 degrees) used to illuminate low ceilings. • Amazingly high CRI: This LED disc downlight comes with 90+ CRI that can be great because it helps to get accurate light of objects should look accurate and natural. • Last longer: These LED disc downlights are built to last longer than the traditional halogen or incandescent lights and have a much lesser lumen depreciation than those lights.   • Energy saving: The 15W of LED disc downlight can easily replace 120W of conventional lights, thus enabling a significant amount of energy-saving, equivalent to 105W. With the dimmable feature, these downlights allow you to save little more energy. • Easy to Install & Operate: It takes much lesser time to install these LED disc downlights than what it would take to install any conventional downlight. • Ultra wide Beam Angle: These LED disc downlights with the beam angle is an alternative to directional light.   By using this beam angle, the LED disk downlight does not highlight any application, rather it illuminates the entire area and is suitable for you when you need lovet lighting.    

Led Disk Downlights $20.69 CAD
Grab the Lowest Price On 100W LED HIGH BAY UFO 5700K Grab the Lowest Price On 100W LED HIGH BAY UFO 5700K

Adequate lighting is very essential in workplaces to enhance the work output and to offer a better ambiance to the place. High ceiling facilities need efficient lighting arrangement to enable a uniform and bright light and for this, the 100W LED HIGH BAY UFO 5700K will be ideal choice to resolve this issue. For buildings with a ceiling height of up to 15 feet, the 100W LED HIGH BAY UFO 5700K light is an ideal lighting solution that offers high bright light to the area. As against the traditional lighting fixtures that fail to give the required brigantines to the place, these ufo high bay lights help offer an enhanced light efficiency and enables energy saving considerably as well. Available in 100W and designed to replace traditional 250W-1000W HID equivalent, these 100W LED HIGH BAY UFO 5700K light fixtures to have a rugged construction to allow for wet location installation where direct contact with water becomes necessary. Features of 100W LED HIGH BAY UFO 5700K are: - • With a lifespan of 50,000 hours, this fixture is cost effective • Offers a Lumen Efficacy of 150 Lumens/Watt • Dimming feature ranging from 0V to 10V • Have a Beam Angle of 120 Degree • IP65 rated for Moisture and dust resistance • 150W high bay led light can replace 400W metal halide • Luminous Flux. The 20098 LUMENS and Colour Temperature:4000K offer this high bay light enables to offer bright light • Uniform spreading of light. The 120 Degree angle of this high bay light sends light downward to spread light in an efficient way • Better Heat dissipation. The efficient heat dissipation feature of this light ensures longer life and safety • Eco-friendly. These led high bay lights are eco-friendly and are free from harmful Mercury as well as Halogen chemicals • High CRI (Colour Rendering Index) This feature enables the light to offer clear illumination and reflects the true color of the objects through its light • 5-years manufacturer warranty <p class

Led High Bay $239.99 CAD
Buy The Best Quality LED Panels For Modern Ceilings Buy The Best Quality LED Panels For Modern Ceilings

LED Panel is a thin panel consisting of LEDs sandwiched between Aluminum and plastic layers. It can be easily suspended from ceilings or directly mounted on ceilings. These panels are used for both indoor and decorative purposes. Led Panels provide the best quality light while having significantly lower energy consumption. LEDMyplace is a customer friendly and quality oriented LED lighting manufacturing company. Our products are of superior quality brought to you at competitive prices. Our range of LED flat panels provides the best alternative to conventional indoor lighting. We offer panels of different designs and wattage. Customers can avail the most suitable LED Panels according to their needs. We provide 2x2 to 2x4  LED Panels  with 40W to 70W capacities. We also offer best quality square and rectangular shaped Troffer light fixtures. Here are some salient features of our LED Panels: • Compact and portable design makes it easy for mounting and transportation. • The range of beam angles for uniform light distribution. • Highly energy efficient. Less consumption of electricity and more lumens per watt. • Anti-glare and instant glow with CRI 80. • 50,000 hours of life span and 5 years of manufacturer’s warranty. • Eco-friendly - The product is free from mercury and leaves no carbon footprints. • Fine control over intensity. • Reasonable pricing. For More Info -  https://ledmyplace.ca/collections/led-panels

British Columbia, Led Light Panels, Led Panels Ceiling, Led Panels Lights, Victoria $132.99 CAD
Get LED Canopy Lights On Affordable Price! Buy Now Get LED Canopy Lights On Affordable Price! Buy Now

LEDMyplace is the leading manufacturer of LED light fixtures of various kinds. We package the best of technology in a user-friendly manner to bring you superior lighting solutions. Our LED canopy lights are meant to run for hours together without consuming an enormous amount of energy. Our lights save you time, money and energy, becoming a futuristic source of light. The light emission of these dimmable lights can be adjusted according to your need. LEDMyplace offers LED canopy lights in 45W, 75W and 150W capacity that is ideal for commercial applications. The top features of our canopy lights include - • Brightness: 8140 - 19398 Lumens • Wattage: 45 - 150 Watt • Wattage Equivalent: 180 - 400 Watt Replacement • CCT: 5700 Kelvin • Life Hours: 50,000 Hours LED My Place also aims to provide a sustainable light source that is good for the surroundings. Using LED canopy lights in places like car wash facility or gas station not only gives a safe feeling but also makes the atmosphere a lot relaxing. Low heat emission makes our lights nature-friendly lighting source that does not compromise on brightness.

Led Canopy Lights $99.00 USD
Why You Replace Your Old MH Light by 300W LED Pole Lights? Why You Replace Your Old MH Light by 300W LED Pole Lights?

To illuminate the roads, streets or highways we need to install those types of lights that can remove the dark spots with 100% accuracy thus providing smoother traveling to the travelers. For the same purpose, you can use LED pole lights as they are non-beatable to any other form of light and for the same purpose you can use 300W LED Pole Lights so that people can enjoy better and safe evenings. Advantages of using 300W LED Pole Lights: • These 300w LED pole lights are user-friendly and can be installed in a quicker easier way; these lightweight lights are much better than those heavy and bulky lights. • The lumen output of these 300w LED pole light is 39982 lumens with a color temperature of 5700K. • Once installed, you can use these lights with uniform lighting for 50,000 hours. • By using these 300w LED Pole Lights, you can make savings of up to 80% in the overall electricity bills which means a savings of about a $1,000 over the next 10-year period. • These lights are an environmentally safe way of lighting the environment. • You get IP 65 rated pole lights that are perfect to be used at the wet areas as well. So use these different colored lights to make the streets look brighter and visible, buy these lights from LEDMyplace and get 5 years of warranty from the company.

Led Pole Light, Led Street Light, Pole Light Led $465.68 CAD
 Why the UFO High Bay Light is Getting Popular? Why the UFO High Bay Light is Getting Popular?

Light is an essential resource and whether at work or at home, you always need good lighting. The trends in technology have vastly transformed the lighting industry and everyday people look forward to having better light. The current trend is on switching over to Led lights because it is a combination of low carbon emission, lesser heat production, and reduced energy consumption. If you have been looking for a difference in lighting then, the 150w-square-ufo-led-high-bay-light-ac100-277v-5700k-black is the perfect choice for your varied purposes like lighting your commercial and industrial spaces. These easy-to-install UFO LED high bay lights are engineered with a durable die-cast aluminium housing, optional parabolic prismatic reflectors to enable you to get the perfect light for your area. These LED UFO High Bay lights are an ideal choice for large spaces that need to be lighted from one corner to the other with a lesser budget and with maximum efficiency. So, whether it be a workshop, warehouse, indoor stadiums, or any vast industrious space that need to be lighted, the 150w-square-ufo-led-high-bay-light-ac100-277v-5700k-black is the best option for you. These UFO LED High Bay Lights to have a dome-shaped skeleton that resembles that of a UFO and boasts LEDs that efficiently lights up any space brightly. As of recently, these lights have finally been able to make their footprint in the market and access the recognition they deserve. Given below are some of the features of the 150w-square-ufo-led-high-bay-light-ac100-277v-5700k-black that is worth noting: • These LED UFO High Bay lights are much smaller compared to any other alternatives you might go in for. They offer you with maximum bright light, all the while taking up minimum space. • Combine the high-end LEDs fitted that offer 130 lumens to the watt and make you realize why these lights are much more efficient than any average lighting alternative. • The 150w-square-ufo-led-high-bay-light-ac100-277v-5700k-black also offers exceptional thermal properties.   The heat produced by the light is easily handled by the aluminium body of the UFO that acts as a heat sink. • Another feature of these lights is that they don’t require any reflectors that help to refocus light and reduce the glare; these UFO High Bay Lights do so by themselves by having an in-built light angle that greatly helps in directing and focusing the light much better.   This means that you can order in 60, 90, 120-degree light angles. • These LED UFO lights are long lasting with LEDs installed in them last around 100,000 hours, thus eliminating the hassle of spending more money over their maintenance or replacements. • The LED UFO High Bay lights are currently offering the best Lumen per Watt output in the industry for the best price, making it a must-own for anyone with a sense of budgeting and looking for efficiency.

150w Square Ufo Led, Ufo High Bay $205.00 CAD
Save Energy and Our Environment with LED Solar Lights Save Energy and Our Environment with LED Solar Lights

The renewable energy craze has been spreading across the globe over the last decade, so solar power has been deemed one of the ideal solutions to the ever-rising environmental problems today. These solar LED lights are the best replacement for traditional fluorescent or halogen lamps because these lights are eco-friendly and save more energy. The BEST OUTDOOR SOLAR LIGHTS is Highly Efficient to Offer Illumination to the Area The solar lights operate on the principle of a collection of solar energy from the sun using the photovoltaic cells or solar panels. The energy stored in rechargeable battery enables to illuminate the space when needed.   Beneath are the advantages of the best outdoor solar lights: • Eco-friendliness: Solar lighting is quite friendly to the environment and greatly reduces the carbon footprint because the is no harmful emissions from the light. • Cost-effectiveness: Despite the initial cost you incur, once the best outdoor solar lights are installed, you will end up saving much more money in the long run than you would by using the conventional lighting fixtures. • Low maintenance requirements: Outdoor solar lighting is quite easy to maintain. Aside from cleaning and the occasional check up here and there, there are no maintenance expenses you need to incur for these lights. • A Wide variety of styles available: These outdoor Solar lights not only come with several types, styles, sizes, and shapes for you to choose to serve your purpose, but they are visually and aesthetically pleasing as well. Features you benefit out of the solar lights are: • Long lifespan, up to 60,000Hours • Can be charged for 8 hours that is enough for continuous lighting for one day • Easy installation • Use lithium battery for durability and protect the environment • Efficient Mono solar panel <p class="MsoNormal" style="text-align: justify; line-height: 150%;"

Led Solar Lights $535.98 CAD
Grab the Best Deal On LED WALL PACK Which You Don’t Want to Missed Grab the Best Deal On LED WALL PACK Which You Don’t Want to Missed

Yes, LED lights with forwarding throw only available at LEDMyplace.com. Get the best light visual to shine up dark walls with the most modern design of all times. Why LED wall pack? This particular light is the best bet for outdoors, garden walls and gateways. Experience the rich light beam of the LED Wall Pack 120W 5700K Forward Throw which is rated for dust & moisture-resistance and also extreme temperatures. Advantages you get: • Excellent lumen efficacy of 15194 lumens at just 120W • Wall mount forward throw LED with extra cool white of 5700k. • Beam angle exceeding 150 degrees covers a greater area. • More than 50,000 hours of lifespan. • Auto on and off feature with photocell sensor. • LED Wall Pack 120W 5700K Forward Throw 15,194 Lumens - led wall pack Why Buy from here: LEDMyplace.com is the place where you get the best deal. The energy efficient 120W LED wall pack is a strong light system made of die-cast metal that easily replaces 420 watts of any metal-halide…Straight 3.5 times energy savings! • The quick startup and easy to install product is a total value for money with a 5-year warranty. • It is environment-friendly and switches “off” and “on” on its own. • The fixture is UL & DLC approved. Additional Features! This energy saver is built of a good aluminum cast and remains shatter-proof during all weather conditions. • Better electrical usage: With high luminous efficacy of 127 lumens/watt (15194 lumens) there is lesser power wastage and more light. • Forward throw lighting: It gives beautiful tilting of bright light on the spot. • Cool colors: 5700K Color Temperature is ideal for security lighting purpose. • Wide beam: The beam Angle exceeds 155 degrees. • Environment-friendly: The UV & Mercury Free LED has no UV radiation or infra-red beams and free of lead toxic to humans. • Lasts long and long: The wall pack will last more than 50,000 hours or maybe more. • Quick install: Mount this pack easily as you like on any wall. This product has premium LED chips. This wide beam light being DLC certified is also rebated eligible…so get one and enjoy more for less in life!

Led Wall Pack 120w $196.50 CAD
Grab the Lowest Price Yet On LED Pole Light 300W Grab the Lowest Price Yet On LED Pole Light 300W

Yes, amazingly true!!! LED Pole light 300 Watt Silver 5700K AM at unbelievable prices. Get you product today! For all your commercial needs, you get the best offer today. LED pole light that consumes so little than metal halide types or mercury vapor that you are at all savings!!! Come grab the deal from LEDmyplace.com and get great warranty and price… LED Pole light300 Watt Silver 5700K AM is a commercial pole light that doesn’t get heated up for long hours and saves hell lot of energy. It has high lumen output which maintains thermodynamic temperature at the best Kelvin read. Where to buy from? LEDmyplace.com offers the best competitive pricing, return offers and free onsite delivery. What’s more they are master makers of LED lights from domestic to commercial lights. Why? Consumer oriented pricing from LEDmyplace.com : You get the best product with best pricing from LEDmyplace.com, manufacturer and wholesaler. Looks awesome: This 300 watt Silver light looks really impressive and sleek which houses multiple LEDs for an evenly distribution of lights assembled in a silver casing. Make your Choice: From low watts to high watts, less lumen output to exceedingly high lumens, LED pole light 300 watt Silver 5700K AM is ideal for different lighting schemes in the garden and street. Lumen quality: This light gives good lumen quality and outshines even most LED lights in its class. High lumen output means you don’t need to increase your light wattage yet you get the same sense of glow in the area which no traditional light is able to give. Some exciting facts on LED pole lights: LED Pole light300 Watt Silver 5700K AM gives exceedingly cool brightness at just 300 watts while incandescent bulbs have a yellow light effect. The 300 Watt Silver 5700K AM is aesthetic in design and silver colored. It can accommodate high feet reflection with aplomb and runs at energy efficient costs. Go bright with 300 Watt Silver 5700K AM gives a fair Kelvin temperature of 5700 plus you get over 40,000 lumens, quite good for lighting up a big area! If it’s easy to install in your driveway, basketball court, street or house corner, why not buy one 300 Watt Silver 5700K AM LED pole light today?

Led Pole Light 300w $485.30 CAD

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