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Apex Tens machine 2 channel is ideal for home use as well for physiotherapy clinic & muscular pain relief. Comes with 2 leads, 4 pads, straps, instruction manual. for buying this product visit @ http://apexmall.in/index.php?route=product/product&path=63_69&product_id=52                                                    We also deal with panchkarma instruments and medical equipments for more information visit @ http://apexmall.in/  

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Hybrid T8 4ft LED Tube Glass 18W is the best for Indoors Lighting
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What are the benefits of having Hybrid T8 4ft LED Tube Glass 18W? So, if you are having old ballast fixtures and want to install LEDs tubes at your indoor area then these Hybrid T8 4ft LED Tube Glass 18W are the only best possible choice for you. Yes!! This Hybrid T8 4ft LED Tube Glass 18W works with and without ballast and cuts down the cost of installing a new ballast bypass fixture. This  Hybrid T8 4ft LED Tube Glass 18W , does not compromise with the illumination and offers you the utmost brightness at your area. Further, it is having a beam angle of 220 degrees ensures the proper distribution of light by removing all the dark spot you were having in your regular fluorescent tubes lighting. Here are the key advantages of installing Hybrid T8 4ft LED Tube Glass 18W: Easy Installation Instant Start Hybrid (Works with and without ballast) The wide beam angle of 220-degree 5000K Color Temperature Approx 2400 Lumens output CRI>80 50,000 hours of life efficiency Aluminium Heat Sink UL, cUL Listed RoHS Compliant   This Hybrid T8 4ft LED Tube Glass 18W does not contain any harmful material mercury and leads makes it 100% recyclable and safe for use. While it is having a very low maintenance cost comparison to fluorescent tubes.

$7.27 CAD

T8 4ft 18W LED Tube Glass are the best for Indoors Lighting
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The most common lighting fixture comes with the most advanced lighting technology. You must be heard of fluorescent tubes Yes!! The same tube we all are using from a long time in our residential areas and most of the place. But now we bring you the T8 4ft 18W LED Tube Glass the most advanced lighting fixture available to illuminate your indoors. So, you must be wondering what's new with these T8 4ft 18W LED Tube Glass? So, the most simple answer will be energy-saving efficiency. Yes!! These  T8 4ft 18W LED Tube Glass  are designed to save energy up to 75% without compromising with the brightness output. By saying this amount of energy this automatically lows down your energy bills. Here are the reasons to install T8 4ft 18W LED Tube Glass: Instant Start Flicker Free G13-Base type 220-degree of wide beam angle 6500K Color Temperature Ballast Bypass CRI>80 >50,000 hours life efficiency UL Listed 3-Years manufacturer warranty 30-days return policy   These tubes are not only energy-efficient but also having a very low maintenance cost in comparison to old fluorescent tubes. Further. It consists of SMD chips inbuilt enhances the performances of the fixture.

$225.99 USD

Reduce Monthly Utility Expenses With Energy Efficient LED Flood Light 300W
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Today the LED flood lights are considered as the most economical and powerful form of outdoor lights that can lighten the outdoor places without increasing your monthly electricity bills as well, even if you turn them on for longer period of time as well. These LED flood lights can be used at the outdoor commercial, industrial and residential places as well with an intention to ensure maximum safety and security of the people. Install LED flood lights 300w among many other lights to make the outdoor places safer.   Other benefits of installing LED F lood L ight 300 W  are as follows: -> These LED flood lights 300w produce 40521 lumens and they are the replacement to the 1000w MH or other lights, you can install them in more than one way. -> The colour Temperatures of these lights is 5700k that ensures nights look safer and secured as well. -> All the LED flood lights are IP 65 rated lights and can tolerate harsh weather condition as well, also the wider beam angle of greater than 150 degree allows you to remove dark spots from extreme corners as well. -> Due to their DLC approval, you will get rebates from the power companies in addition to 5 Year Warranty from the manufacturer’s end as well. -> These lights give longer lasting lighting results and can last for 50,000 hours or even more than that as well. So these are just a few stars in the sky, besides there are many other benefits of installing these LED flood lights 300w, use them as a security system to protect your family members and employees from being targeted by the criminals. 

$25.99 USD

T8 8FT LED integrated Tubes: A Energy Efficient Flicker Free Lighting
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Many a times, you have received headache and other body disorder complaints from your employees and you might not have paid attention to it assuming that it is due to the work load. But you are totally wrong if you believe that way as it is due to the continuous flickering or buzzing of the traditional tubes that you have installed inside your offices and are responsible for making the environment noisy thus resulting in headache among employees. You quickly need to shift towards LED integrated lights to lighten the indoor commercial places so that the employees can work in a peaceful environment, install standard sized T8 8FT LED integrated tubes. Other advantages of using these T8 8FT LED I ntegrated T ubes are as follows: -> These LED lights integrated can be installed easily and don’t produce any kind of humming noise which otherwise hampers the productivity of the employees. -> These 60w T8 8FT LED integrated tubes produce 7200 and can be replaced with 80w of traditional lights to make more savings. -> All the LED integrated V shaped tubes are capable to lighten the indoor places for more than 50,000 hours which is much more than the traditional lights. -> They are also made using 100% recyclable material and are helpful in reducing the carbon footprints as well. -> The higher CRI of more than 80 is useful in making the objects look real and natural. -> Also have no mercury and halogen inside them that are responsible for polluting the environment. So let your employees work in a more peaceful environment by installing these T8 8FT LED integrated tubes that apart from increasing their productivity will also reduce the monthly electricity bills as well.

$66.99 USD

Best LED Panel Lights - Save on Energy Bills by 75%
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The industrial, commercial and residential premises today have the most advanced a latest form of lights that help in making the ambiance more beautiful and attractive and the  LED Panel Lights  are used at many places due to their advantages which no other light is efficient enough to give.   Benefits of choosing LED Panel Lights are as follows:   • By using these LED panel lights you can reduce the overall electricity bills by more than 75%; for instance, a 72W of LED Panel light that produces 7200 lumens can replace a traditional fluorescent tube of 400W.   • These LED panel lights are safe for the environment and don’t have any toxic chemicals such as mercury or lead inside them.   • This 72w 2x4 LED panel light has a Color Rendering Index of more than 80 that make the objects look close and real.   • Also, the wider Beam

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Oriental doll relaxing full body massage
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Hello everyone!  🌟I am nice, young, experienced Oriental massager- May(24 years old). 🌟  I am professional qualified in massage school. I know how to take care of you with my best techniques and take stress away from your tensed body. I am offering a therapeutic and relaxing full body to body massage and happy ending from the comfort of my private room. Erotic Massage Parlors is available at Capel Our girls love to provide you the best body to body massage at Capel Hot masseuse are providing Nuru Massage at Capel We provide the Best happy ending experience in Capel If you are looking for quality and pursue the ultimate massage ,I am definitely the best Choice.  Visit us: https://capel.icracker.com.au/ Location: Capel Hannah 20-05-2019

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Save 90% Electricity by Using T8 8Ft 60W LED Integrated Tubes
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Today there are various types of LED lights available in the market that can be used to increase the brightness, one among them are the integrated LED tubes that are especially designed to illuminate the indoor areas including hallways and corridors. Another main advantage of using these integrated lights at the big places is that these tubes can be daisy-chained to form a row of uniform lighting across the space. One such LED tube is a  t8 8ft 60w LED integrated tube that  can be used to illuminate the wider areas including halls, corridors etc. Beneath are the advantages of using these T 8 8 F t 60 W LED I ntegrated T ubes are as beneath: ->  U se t8 8ft 60w LED integrated tube for at least 50,000 hours with lumen output of 7200 and CCT  of 5000K that offers a natural light color effects. -> These T8 8ft 60w LED integrated tubes can work without ballast as well which saves   time, unlike in case of fluorescent tubes where half of the time gets wasted in removing the ballast. Just remove the fluorescent tube with the integrated tube by just directly wiring it to the line source. -> The t8 8ft 60w LED integrated tubes comes with a 5 years of manufacturer warranty and are made using 100% recyclable material that don’t contaminate the environment at the time of disposing them off. -> <span style="mso-spacerun: 'yes'; font-family: Cambria; mso-fareast-font-family: Calibri; mso-bidi-font-family: 'Times Ne

$7.22 CAD

LED Tube Lights are the best for Indoors Lighting
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How to save energy in your residential areas? Well, the answer is simple because if you are using fluorescent tubes then is a high time you switch to LED Tube Lights. Yes! These LED Tube Lights are manufactured in a way that can save the maximum amount of energy and provides you the utmost brightness at your place. When it comes to energy-efficiency these  LED Tube Lights Fixture  can save 75% of energy in comparison to fluorescent tubes on a daily basis. If you are having old ballast fixture and want to install LED Tubes, but also don't want to change your ballast fixture then LEDMyplace also offers you ballast compatible tubes as well. Here are the advantages of using LED Tube Lights: Energy-Saving Flicker Free 4000K to 6500K Ballast Compatible 2400 Lumens to 5800 Lumens output 50,000 hours of life efficiency Low Maintenance cost Aluminium Heat Sink UL and DLC Listed   So, ready to have energy-efficient lighting at your residential areas and also get the true ambiance which you were looking for. Speak with our customer support on (437-800-1071).

$143.99 USD

Replace Traditional Lighting with 240w High Bay LED UFO Lights for Better Mobili
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No business can sustain over a longer period of time if the workers or the staff members are not motivated to work harder. The kind of lighting we choose to use at our commercial or industrial places helps in enhancing the food of the workers to ensure maximum results. The LED high bay lights are especially manufactured to produce the right kind of brightness that can make workers or staff more productive in doing their task. If you have a commercial unit where the height of the ceilings is almost 20-30 ft you can use 240w high bay UFO LED light to increase the mobility of the workers and staff members. Specifications of the 240 W   H igh B ay LED UFO L ights are as follows: -> The corner of the warehouses can become more bright full by using these 240w high bay lights, the elegant design of these lights emits 31 ,000  lumens with lumen efficiency of 310watts  per fixture. -> These 240w High bay UFO LED lights can be used for another 50,000 hours or close to 6 years even if turned ON for half a day.  Also the color temperature is 5700 K which is ideal for the indoor commercial areas. -> The beam angle of these 240w high bay LED UFO lights is 120 degree angle which is sufficient enough to illuminate the dark areas as well where the normal lights could not reach easily. -> These 240w high bay LED UFO lights  comes with a dimmable option which ranges from 10 volts to 0 volts, 0V is the minimum light level and 10V is the highest level of dimming option available in the dimmers. So use these lights at  your commercial or industrial units and let  your staff members enjoy a better and enhanced visibility, the more they are motivated the better the overall results will be. Also by using these lights you are protecting the environment from getting damaged as these LED wall packs are free from all kind of chemicals including mercury or halogen that can contaminate the nature.

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