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New Concept called “Pooling” - Refd by: cjackson
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Hello I want to share a new Concept with you. It is call Pooling Are you looking for a way to earn monthly income in a short time. Well here is the answer it is called POOLING. Pooling is a new concept that can help the 95% that never earn a dime. All you need is $20. Dollars to start and get just two people. In 90 days you can be earning about 4,000.00 or more per month but you have to be in the pool and recruiting as many people as possible to earn. If you are interested in the concept please fill out the form in the link. Your referred by: cjackson.   http://bit.ly/2vu0WoZ    I will look for you on the inside. Click the Link to signup. http://bit.ly/2vu0WoZ   To your Health and Wealth Cynthia

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✔✔✔Earn $5 Daily on Auto Pilot✔✔✔
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  Earn $5 on our rotator for LIFE. Get $5 sent to your paypal account on an unlimited basis. Find out how NOW !!!! click this link:  http://payspree.com/51360/chiedun

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Crypto-Currency *Bitcoin* Get Free Every Month.!!
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Fund My Cause is the first Global Sharing Bitcoin network: a crowdfunding program using the blockchain as its own wallet infrastructure. It gives you the possibility of acquiring Bitcoin, worldwide via the internet and peer to peer sharing - all without limitations of exchanges. You only need an Internet connection provided by your service provider home, mobile or public WI-FI and a small fraction of Bitcoin to start. You can join our community for free and if you agree to share you will receive pages of information on Bitcoin, the Blockchain and how and when to share. FundMyCause is a New kind of CrowdFunding Program, focused on making a BIG difference in the world, one cause (Or Family) at a time. Our Big giving goal is to create a community of like-minded individuals who also have a desire to make a Big difference in giving an Blessing the People of the world. http://www.CrowdFundingWithBitcoin.com Get a position for 100% FREE, then if you chose to share,an start getting Blessed upgrade to Level 1 by donating a small fraction of Bitcoin (0.05) come up to about $45 Listen to a 5 Minute Info Call: (559)726-1537 Listen to some of the Recorded Calls on BlogTalkRadio. BlogTalk Episodes on Demand: www.blogtalkradio.com/fundmycause JOIN TODAY: http://www.CrowdFundingWithBitcoin.com

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Get Standby Letter of Credit – MT760 for Traders
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Do you require Standby Letter of Credit to complete your Imports?  We can provide.   We, Bronze Wing Trading LLC offers Standby LC through our trade finance facilities on behalf of our clients to fulfill their financial commitment with their suppliers.   We will structure your SBLC requirement as per your transaction needs that protect your business interests. We have different proven methods that work effectively to achieve our client’s commercial goals.   We also offer other Financial Instruments, which are;   - Letter of Credit MT700 - Letter of Comfort - Bank Guarantee MT760 - Advance Payment Guarantee - Performance Guarantee or Bond - Tender Bond or Bid   Bronze Wing Trading isn’t limited to any specific country or region; we operate worldwide and reach out our clients around the world.   Why you’ve to choose Bronze Wing Trading?   Bronze Wing Trading is a company you can trust on for your trade finance requirements. With years of experience & reputation in international market, we provide complete solution and support our clients. Further, to conduct our client’s trade transactions in a quick and efficient way, we offer them with some attractive benefits, which are below;   - Good Rated International Banks - No Tangible Collateral Required - Quick Approval & deal completion in one banking day (T&C applies) - Worldwide Approach - Escrow Payment Option   If you want to conduct your deal without tying up your cash margin – Obtain SBLC (MT760) or any other banking instrument from Bronze Wing Trading.   To Get Standby Letter of Credit send your requirements on: support@bwtradefinance.com OR visit: www.bwtradefinance.com

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Get Letter of Credit for Importers and Exporters
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Looking for Letter of Credit?  We can help you.    We, Bronze Wing Trading is a Leader in Trade Finance Market and are direct providers of Letter of Credit globally.   We are structuring Trade Finance for our customers from decades and have a reputable influence in international market with proven results.   We are also facilitating other Trade Finance Facilities;   - Standby Letter of Credit MT760 - Letter of Comfort - Bank Guarantee MT760 - Advance Payment Guarantee - Tender Bond or Bid - Performance Guarantee or Bond   Bronze Wing Trading helped numerous traders worldwide from Europe to United States and Africa to Asian Countries.   Why Bronze Wing Trading is best solution for your business?    Because of our years of trade finance experience and knowledge we can successfully complete your deal without any hassle. Plus, we care about our clients that is why we provide them our services with some unique benefits;   - No Financial Collateral Required - Best Rates - Top-Rated Banks - Deal Completed Within a day (T&C applies) - Globally Available   If you require Letter of Credit or any other financial instrument, Bronze Wing Trading is here to help you.   To Get Letter of Credit (MT700) e-mail us now: support@bwtradefinance.com OR visit Bronze Wing Trading’s Website: www.bwtradefinance.com

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Avail Trade Finance for Importers & Exporters
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Bronze Wing Trading LLC is a Dubai based company, working as direct Trade Finance providers in International market since decades. Our arrays of customers are commodity traders, manufacturers, producers, general traders, and contractors. We provide a complete solution to support your businesses by structuring your transactions with our extensive trade knowledge, professionalism and years of experience in trade finance.   We Offer You:   We have a broad range of trade finance services to help your business need. Below you will find the following facilities:    - Import Letter of Credit MT700 - Letter of Comfort - Bank Guarantee MT760 - Standby Letter of Credit MT760 - Advance Payment Guarantee - Tender Bond or Bid - Performance Guarantee or Bond   Working with Bronze Wing Trading & it’s Benefits:   Our services are credible and proved to be trusted by clients that face the enigma of reaching the Trade Finance Facilities. Which you can easily obtain by reaching out to us, so here is what you can get if you choose our trade finance services:   - You will get your required Instruments from Good-Rated European Banks - No cash margins are required to avail our trade finance facilities - We strive to close any deal in just a day (T&C apply) - We provide our clients with escrow option to secure their payment - With decades of experience in trade finance, we hold to our reputation as we render our services effectively - We are trusted worldwide and provide the best trade services to every client to make their deal and transactions successful   No matter which part of the world you are in, you’re just one click away from us.   To Get Free Quote , go to our website: www.bwtradefinance.com or send your enquiry at: support@bwtradefinance.com

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Performance Bond / Guarantee for Suppliers and Contractors
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Do you have a Trade Deal or construction project and looking for a Performance Bond – Performance Guarantee to meet the obligations of parties and guarantees the Trade/Project completion in time? We can solve your problem by providing you your required Guarantee.   The Performance Bond / Guarantee play the role of protection against unwanted events. Risk is ever present when trade is happening, regardless of being local or international. Similar could be said for large scale projects like construction and development contracts.   Bronze Wing Trading understands the value of time and money that business owners invest in their Trade Deals or Projects. Sometimes many transactions get stuck because documents like Performance Bonds / Guarantees are not issued easily. Many occasions involved parties have to face a rejection when it comes to obtaining such Guarantees from Banks. In order to solve such problems, We, Bronze Wing Trading offers financial solutions through our effective Trade Finance Services. We provide these types of guarantee to our clients from the leading banks in Europe being the performance assurance as per their contract.   Alongside Performance Bond / Guarantee, what other Financial Instruments we provide;   - Tender Bond or Bid - Advance Payment Guarantee - Bank Guarantee MT760 - Standby Letter of Credit MT760 - Letter of Credit MT700 - Letter of Comfort   Why to obtain from Bronze Wing Trading?   We ensure that our worldwide clientele receives quality trade finance facilities. We work with high levels of professionalism and honesty is one of the priorities for us. We have been able to work successfully for decades with so many clients across the world. We also offer our clients with some lucrative benefits;   - Avail from one of the Direct Provider - Reputable European Banks - Available Worldwide - Escrow Payment Option - Without Any Financial Collateral - Deal completion in Time   More often it is very difficult to obtain a Performance Bond / Guarantee but with us it’s easy. Bronze Wing Trading has a simple procedure to follow, which is explained in details on our website.   Get your required Performance Bond / Guarantee by simply visiting our website: www.bwtradefinance.com OR submitting details on support@bwtradefinance.com

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Advance Payment Guarantee for Developers & Suppliers
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Looking for direct providers of Advance Payment Guarantee for your construction projects or Trade Deals? We can facilitate you without any financial collateral   Advance Payment Guarantee is an essential Trade Finance tool either for your Trade Deals or Construction Projects. It secures the Developer or Buyer payment and also bound the Supplier or Contractor to perform and fulfill all the commitments according to the terms of contract.   If you are into export business or you are a contractor, We, Bronze Wing Trading LLC can facilitate your Advance Payment requirement from Importers & Developers by providing a Bank Guarantee in their favor. We are into this business since more than 30 years and understand the challenges or issues that are part of the international trade finance. We help in establishing connection with genuine businesses so that the transactions could be concluded efficiently.    Other Financial Instruments you can also avail from us;   - Performance Bond / Guarantee - Bank Guarantee MT760 - Tender Bond or Bid - Letter of Credit MT700 - Letter of Comfort - Standby Letter of Credit MT760   Why Bronze Wing Trading is the best choice?   We, Bronze Wing Trading happen to be quite well-reputed and renowned among our trusted clients worldwide. Helping them in their financial needs, we reach out to all our clients globally, ensuring that all their deals are closed timely. We offer all our clients with some remarkable benefits, which are included;   - We are Direct Provider - We Provide Globally - We Issue from Good-Rated European Banks - We Complete Your Deal in Time - We Facilitate you with Escrow Payment Option   So, if you want to secure and prevent yourself from losing your hard earning capital than the best thing is that to demand Advance Payment Guarantee from the exporters & contractors before paying them Advance Payment. Get our valuable expertise to avail these types of Bank Guarantees which facilitates Advance Payment from Importers & Developers.    We shall be able to help you in every step to facilitate your business transactions, specifically, to those who do not have adequate bank facilities to boost their businesses.   Apply for Advance Payment Guarantee on: www.bwtradefinance.com OR send details on support@bwtradefinance.com

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