Software +VPS = 24/7 Automated Promotion Machine

Learn how to use automatic classified ad posting software in combination with a windows vps to create a 24/7 ad posting machine.

30. Aug 2021


A remote windows VPS is simply a Windows computer just like any Windows computer you would buy but it is hosted in a remote location usually by a web hosting company.

The advantage is that you can log into your remote windows vps from ANY computer even a MAC or an outdated Windows version like XP and access the server.

Once you are logged in you just operated the computer like any Windows computer. There is no difference.

You can then set up your software and start running campaigns. Then just log off the remote windows computer and the software keeps running.

You could log in from anywhere in the world with an internet connection, set up your campaigns, click run, and then log off and go to the beach. We do it all the time ourselves.

You can get a remote VPS from as little as $10. per month. We use this company.

Here is an article which goes into detail about running classified ad posting software on a remote windows VPS. Here is a video which explains as well.

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