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List of 35 Free Classified Ads Sites Where You Can Post Affiliate Offers (2021)

List of classified ad sites 2021

Classified Ad Marketing
7. Aug 2021


List of 35 High Traffic Classified Ad Sites Where You Can Post Free Ads


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  1. This site has 80,000+ members and ads are being posted every few minutes. Ads on this site get views! Use html ads to create clickable links, you can embed your YouTube videos, photos and affiliate links. Post ads in all of the major US cities and most International cities. Ads stay live for 90 days!

  2. Super high traffic site. Ads stay live for 90 days. Clickable links, Embedded YouTube Videos, photos, and affiliate links are posted here to all major US cities. Post ads to major cities in the following countries: United States, Australia, Canada, India, South Africa, France, Indonesia, Ireland, Germany, Mexico,Italy,New Zealand, and Singapore.

  3. Ads stay live 90 days. Clickable links, affiliate links, even embed your YouTube video. Thousands of ads are posted each month to this site.

  4. Classifieds- This site used to be an Article Directory with over 1 million members! Super old domain with lots of credibility in Google. Your ads stay live here 90 days. You can include your keywords so Google can find your ads on this High Page Rank authority sites.

        5. Free Classifieds- is a great place to reserve domain names and you can also place your free ad on this authority sites. 1000's of ads posted each month. Ads stay live 90 days. Clickable do follow links.

        6. Classified Advertising- Ads stay live 90 days. Your ad featured on every page including the homepage if you upgrade to premium. Post almost unlimited free ads.

        7. Classifieds- Get leads for your business at classifieds. Ads are live 90 days. Old domain which Google loves. Your ads can easily be found in Google when on this site. Lots of natural traffic!

        8. Lead Club Classified Ads- High quality site with great SEO. Ads stay live 90 days. Clickable links, YouTube video embed, keywords, affiliate links and your ad featured in rotation on every page if you upgrade to Premium.

        9. Great site for legal and financial services ads. You can post your ad to all major US cities. Ads stay live for 90 days.

       10. Free Classifieds- High traffic active classified advertising site. Ads are live for 90 days. Upgrade to premium to have your ads rotate at the top of your category in the Premium ads section.

       11.​- You can post ad posted to 500+ cities on this site each month.

       12. can post your ad on 500+ cities monthly on this site. Great back links. Get found in Google and get more traffic to your website/landing page. You can even embed your YouTube videos and affiliate links. Ads are live for 90 days before rotating off.

       13. Want your ads to go viral? Check out
Upgrade your ad for a few bucks to get even more exposure.

       14. We are all looking for six figure plus incomes right? Come place your
business opportunity ads with other six figure marketers.

      15. Looking for the freedom to be able to
travel the world and make a living from anywhere? Come place your ads on

Imagine making 6 figures working on the beach from some exotic location. Place free ads for your opportunities, products and services on
      17. Funky Free Ads- Fun free classified ad site where you can
post your business opportunities and more.

      18. Groovy Free Ads- Great free classified ad site. Ads stay live 90 days.

      19. Affiliate Classified Ads- Terrific classified ad site which specializes in accepting affiliate offers. You are welcome to post your Clickbank, Amazon links of this high traffic classified ad site.

      20. Post free ads for 90 days. Upgrade you ad for 5 bucks and your ad is highlighted and featured in the Premium ad section which is on the busy home page and at the top of your category.

      21. Make Money Do Nothing Classified Ads- We know that you have to do something to make money. So why not post your opportunity on this high traffic classified ad site with a amusing name?

      22. Side Hustle Classified Ads- Got a side hustle? Looking for people to hustle with you. Then post your ads for free on

      23. This site is one of the most established ad sites that will allow you to post business opportunity ads.

      24. Global Free Classified Ads- Very high traffic site. This site will not let you post the same ad over and over so you need to make sure if you post ads in different cities that there is a significant variation in the text. It  might be worth taking the time submitting to this site, though, since it attracts quite a bit of traffic.

      25. This site get over 30,000,000 views per month they claim. They have a dedicated Work from Home Business Opportunity section. Your links can be clickable so people can click on them and be sent directly to your website. Worth a post.

     26. Big Daddy Ads- Who's your Daddy? Big Daddy Ads is for posting classified ads.

     27. Cash Machine Ads- Want to create an online cash machine? Well you need traffic. Post your free ads on Cash Machine Classifieds. Upgrade to premium and your ad rotates on the home page and at the top of your category in the Premium section.

     28. Coin Rush Ads- Promote your Crypto, business opportunities, and financial services ads on Coin Rush Ads.

     29. Cyber Gypsy Ads- Want to live the Cyber Gypsy lifestyle? Post your products and services for free on Cyber Gypsy Ads.

     30. Fast Cash Ads- Who does not want fast cash? Well you have to start somewhere. So start by posting free ads on Fast Cash Ads. Ads stay live 90 days. Create beautiful html ads with clickable links.

     31. Live Free Ads- Work from anywhere and live free from having a boss. Post your ads on Live Free Ads.

     32. Quick Post Ads- Post free ads quickly and efficiently on Quick Post Ads. Include your YouTube video, social media links, html ads, and an image to highlight your ad.

     33. Red Hot Classifieds- Post your Red Hot Opportunities on Red Hot Classifieds.

     34. Win Big Ads- For winners only. Post your opportunity, health, education, real estate and services ads on Win Big Ads.

     35. Super easy to post ads. High visibility. You can literally post your ads in under 2 minutes flat.

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Richard Hilton on 17. Aug 2021
I would like to offer clients advertising space as well

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I would like to offer clients advertising space as well
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