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Your Ad in Rotation on All Pages of All Our Sites For 1 Year

Your Ad in Rotation on All Pages of All Our Sites For 1 Year

Classified Ad Marketing
21. Aug 2021

We have added a new text ad rotation system for all pro members of We are constantly racking our brain trying to come up with new ideas to get more eyeballs on your ads. Here are some of the features of our new text ad rotation feature. Yearly members get 3 rotation slots. Monthly members get 1 rotation slot.

1. Your ad will be in rotation in the header of 30+ high traffic sites including and 

Your Text Ad Will Appear At The Top of All Pages  on All of These Sites! This site has over 42,000 members and ads are being posted every few minutes. Ads on this site get views! We use html ads to create clickable links, we can embed your YouTube videos, photos and affiliate links. We post ads in all of the major US cities. Ads stay live for 90 days! Super high traffic sites. Ads stay live for 90 days. Clickable links, Embedded YouTube Videos, photos, and affiliate links are posted here to all major US cities. Your ads are continually posted to keep them at the top. Ads stay live 90 days. We post continually to all major US cities (500+!) Non stop promotion. Clickable links, affiliate links, we will embed your YouTube video. Thousands of ads are posted each month to this site. members not only have their ad posted to all US cities in their category but their ads are in rotation on the home page and on EVERY page of this site in a special PRO members featured section! Classifieds- This site used to be an Article Directory with over 1 million members! Super old domain with lots of credibility in Google. Your ads stay live here 90 days. We included your keywords so Google can find your ads on this High Page Rank authority site! Free Classifieds- is a great place to reserve domain names and you can also place your free ad on this authority sites. 1000's of ads posted each month. Ads stay live. Clickable do follow links. Your ad is continually posted in all US cities on this busy site until you ask us to stop. Classified Advertising- Ads stay live 90 days. Your ad featured on every page including the homepage as long as you are subscribed. Your ads are posted to every US city (500+) continually to keep your ads at the top. Classifieds- Get leads for your business at classifieds. Ads are live 90 days. Your ad featured on every page. Old domain which Google loves. Your ads can easily be found in Google when on this site. Lots of natural traffic!

Lead Club Classified Ads- High quality site with great SEO. Ads stay live 90 days. Clickable links, YouTube video embed, keywords, affiliate links and your ad featured in rotation on every page on top of non stop submissions to all major US cities. Great site for legal and financial services ads. We post your ad to all major US cities. Ads stay live for 90 days. High traffic bustling classified advertising sites. Ads are live for 90 days. We post 100's of ads all month for you on this quality site. ad posted on 500+ pages monthly on this site. Great backlinks. Get found in Google and get more traffic to your website/landing page. We will even embed your YouTube videos and affiliate links. Ads are live for 90 days before rotating off. We continually replace the expiring ads.

Big Daddy Ads
Cash Machine Ads
Coin Rush Ads
Cyber Gypsy Ads
Fast Cash Ads
Groovy Free Ads
Live Free Ads
Quick Post Ads
Red Hot Classifieds
Six Figure Classifieds 
Win Big Ads
Digital Nomad Ads
Laptop Life Style Ads
Funky Free Ads
Viral Classified Ads
Groovy Free Ads
Affiliate Classified Ads
Make Money Do Nothing Classified Ads

2. Your ad does not rotate down like other classified ads.

3. Your ad will be featured prominently on 10's of thousands of indexed pages. ALL of Them!

4. Your ad only exclusively in rotation with paid members

5. Your text ad will not only be in the header but strategically placed in the middle of searches and throughout other parts of 30+ high traffic sites.

6. Yearly members get 3 rotation slots
compared to monthly members who get 1. 3x the exposure.

Your text ad will be clickable directly to your website and placed on all pages in the highest traffic part of our sites.

We are constantly racking our brains trying to figure out how to give more value to our customers.

We really think that the yearly deal combined with our new text ads offer a great value.

You can learn more about being a member of here.

Much Success,




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