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Promote a Landing Page With An Opt In Form Not A Big Corporate Site

Classified Ad Marketing
19. Jul 2021

Landing Page Vs Corporate Website

You only have a few seconds to get your prospect's attention. If you send them to a big corporate site with different links, about us pages, different products, company history etc. then prospects will most likely just click away.

You need a clear simple landing page which has one clear focus and that is to get the prospect's email address so you can follow up. The entire goal of an opt in landing page, also known as a squeeze page, is to get the prospect to give you his email address.

Then your autoresponder can follow up indefinitely every few days with follow ups giving your prospect more information on your product or service.

The reason these pages are called “Squeeze Pages” is that they totally focus on getting the prospect on taking one action they “squeeze” the prospect into giving you his email address.

Squeeze Pages Do Not Try to Sell Anything They Totally Focus on Getting The Prospect To Subscribe to a Newsletter.

Often they offer a free giveaway or bonus to entice the prospect to subscribe. This bonus can be a free ebook, like this one, or even free software, free coaching, free tips, free valuable information, just use your imagination.

We have created some free software and you are welcome to use this software as a giveaway for people to join your list. See here to learn about this opportunity We suggest asking for email only when creating an opt in form. The more fields of information you ask for the less opt ins you will get.

For example if you ask for first name, last name, email address, where did you hear from us, blood type, best time to call, sexual preference, blood type and then put a complicated Google Image Recaptcha form on your opt in form you can be pretty sure nobody will opt in unless your offer is incredible.

The More Info You Ask For The Less Opt Ins You Will Receive

Bottom line you need to make it as simple and compelling as possible for people to join your newsletter. Also, you want your landing page to have one focus, that is to get the email of the prospect. Save the selling for your follow up emails.

Here are some characteristics of an effective landing page:

  • All text and opt in form should be above the fold. This means prospects should not have to scroll down the page to see the opt in form.

  • Give bullet points with real compelling reasons why people should

subscribe to your newsletter

  • The form should have one clear focus and call to action, to get the prospect's email. There should be no other distracting information on the form.

  • Have some sort of giveaway to entice the prospect to subscribe such as an ebook or software or maybe something creative that fit's your market perfectly

  • On the submit button do not just put “submit” put what the prospect will be receiving. For example “Send Me Free Software.”

  • Have a compelling picture or better a video illustrating people why they should subscribe.

  • Ask for the prospect's “Best Email” in the form. Do not just put the default “email” in the email form. You want the best email of the prospect. The one they monitor all the time. If you just ask you will surprised how many people comply.

  • Do not ask for too much information. Just ask for the email only or perhaps name and email. The more info you ask for the less opt ins you will get.

  • Do not put a captcha form on your opt in form! Make it easy for people to subscribe!

  • Set your autoresponder to “single opt in.” This means they will not have to click a confirmation link to get your follow up messages. The less you ask your prospect to do the better.

There are a number of landing page services but many are quite expensive. One of the simplest and most reasonable ways to get started is with

One of The Simplest Ways to Get Started is to Get A Combo Landing Page Creator/Autoresponder System With is offering a combination autoresponder and and landing page creator for less than what most landing page creation companies charge for landing pages alone.

In this blog post we discuss the option of using a wordpress plugin called Thrive Architect to create landing pages.

For those who have a
bit of technical skill, their own domain name and web hosting Thrive Architect suite not only creates stunning landing pages but they create superb sales pages.
Their system
integrates with almost any autoresponder service.

Thrive Architect is what we use to create our website sales pages and is considered the top of the line for self hosted sales pages and landing pages. If you are looking for a very reasonable plug and play landing page and autoresponder system is a terrific place to start.

With you get both an autoresponder and easy to setup plug and play landing pages for less than most autoresponder services alone.

Their system is what I would recommend for beginners because you do not need that much technical knowledge and the system is ready to go. Also the price is basically unbeatable.

Of course, everything I have said here applies if you are promoting your business and you are looking for ongoing clients. If you are trying to sell your car or your bicycle just put an ad for your car or bike.

However, many of the tips below will even apply for selling individual one time sales.

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